Match of the Day: Bulldog v. Perfect

When I was a kid I had a Coliseum Video I bought at K-Mart called WWF Greatest Champions.  It was about 2 hours long and profiled ‘The Ultimate Warrior’, ‘The Hart Foundation’, ‘Mr.Perfect’ and ‘Hulk Hogan’.  After a few clips of famous matches, they would show a full length match showcasing a successful title defense by the respective champion(s).  Because Mr. Perfect was the only heel profiled, they showed a match against ‘The British Bulldog’ in which Perfect retained in controversial fashion (the faces that were profiled had matches in which they won clean).  I searched for it after seeing your “Match of the Day” segments on the blog (which are great BTW) and re-watched it.  Not as good as I remembered, but I thought that Bulldog and Perfect had CRAZY chemistry and could have made for an awesome program, and I was hoping you could post this as a future “Match of the Day”.  The match is pure fun from the initial test of strength that has Perfect quite audibly calling Bulldog a “sonuvabitch” to Bret Hart’s CLASSIC “oh-you’re-not-gonna-BELIEVE-this-s---” look to Bulldog after hearing Hebner’s excuse for DQ.  Thanks for any thought you give to posting this.