Brock Pt. 2

The latest Brock Lesnar First Run FWD got me to thinking, had Brock not left to chase his NFL dream, was the plan always going to be for him to job to Goldberg at WM 20? And where would he have went from there?

No, the plan was to put him over Goldberg because Goldberg was leaving and Brock was staying.  But then it came out that Brock was leaving as well, and on much worse terms than Goldberg was, so Bill got to be the one to emerge the “victor” in that battle.  I have no earthly idea where he would have gone from there, although I suspect it would have involved regaining the belt from Eddie at some point because JBL basically got it by default when Eddie couldn’t handle holding it.  Speaking of that Goldberg-Brock atrocity… 
WWE Wrestlemania 20 – Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar… by WWETNAHDUploader