Hey Scott, I always wondered this, but what happened to Test's push after the whole Stephanie/Triple H wedding angle in 1999?  I mean, I remember watching him and he was getting good crowd reactions and even had some good matches.  The whole wedding thing just screamed for Test to get his revenge on Triple H and Stephanie and he never did.  I remember watching and every week I was waiting for it to happen and nothing.

Why didn't the WWF/E ever have a proper blowoff between these two(this was back when they DID in fact do actual blowoffs to feuds)?  I know the endgame was always gonna be Triple H vs the Rock for Mania(which technically didn't even happen) but I always thought these two should have had a feud leading up to that.  I know Triple H needed Mick Foley to 'make' him at the Rumble(in hindsight that was the right move) but is there any reason why they just kind of dropped Test and never mentioned him again in this feud?

Well the thing is that the whole Test deal was a pet project of Vince Russo, and when Russo left they really had no reason to continue pushing this guy who they didn't see as a future star of the company. Russo set up the whole wedding angle and they were left without a payoff because this stuff was all booked week to week and only Russo knew where it was supposed to be headed.  So it was kind of like Test was a loose end that had to be tied up.  Then the week after the wedding they did that tag match where Test looked totally bored and unmotivated while fighting his supposed blood enemy HHH, and that probably didn't help his case either.