1. Is it just me, or do bookers try REALLY hard to come up with screwy finishes to ‘I Quit’ matches?  About the only one I can think of that had a no-fooling clean ending was Flair / Funk in 1989.  Were there others?

Magnum TA v. Tully Blanchard was about as clean of an ending as you can get.  They were generally all clean before the Attitude era, in fact, when Russo decided that people wanted to be SWERVED and thus stipulations ended up meaning nothing.

2. I know that everyone has a big ‘idea’ for changing wrestling, but one simple change that I think would have an impact is, for tag matches, bringing back the tag rope and being ‘stricter’ with only one man in the ring.  The ‘tag team formula’ worked so well for TWENTY YEARS because the whole ‘face in peril’ was such an effective heat builder.  Especially with the focus on younger viewers, couldn’t this hook a whole new generation?

Probably not.  The first step is to push tag team wrestling as a big deal again, and really after that tournament in 2012 they’ve kind of forgotten about it again and we’re down to Hell No and the Rhodes Scholars as the only serious contenders again.