Cena post Mania

Hey Scott,

  I love your blog, I check it daily. I really want ask you a question
even though you must get hundreds, dare I say, millions of these
everyday…but here it goes: What in god's name is Vince and The WWE
going to do with John Cena post-Mania as champion that they haven't
already done in his past 10 title reigns? Obviously, I'm assuming that
they are going to go through with the Rock dropping the title to him
at Mania this year. I feel like it's a lock. So, if that is so…who
the hell is he feuding with that we haven't seen? Who is over enough
to feud with him? What type of circumstances would be interesting? I
mean we have to factor in who he has already feuded with, title or
not, AND he's not TURNING heel. So, where does that leave us? I mean,
aside from turning the channel to ESPN or a Walking Dead rerun.

Let it play out and see where it goes.