Alternate HHH

Hi Scott
Happy New Year!
Now that his in-ring career is largely in the past tense I have a question about Triple H.
Looking back over his rise, it's clear he's a highly intelligent and ambitious individual who knew what he wanted and went after it. To that end he aligned himself with the right people, worked hard at developing his character and physique, avoided the substance abuse that blighted the careers of many friends and peers, and generally played the political game to perfection. He does deserve a lot of credit.
Having said that, he was also the beneficiary of some extraordinary lucky breaks. He became best friends with HBK when the latters power was at it's zenith, making him a logical candidate for a push when a very well-timed injury sidelined Shawn, he rose to main event status at a time when the promotion was overflowing with talent against whom anyone could look like a superstar, and finally of course, the blossoming of his relationship with Stephanie.
So my question is, what do you see him amounting to overall if he opts to stay with WCW in 1995?

I would see him amounting to a guy like Regal, who gets a solid push up the card, then gets lost in the shuffle of the Monday Night Wars before coming into WWE with the Invasion and being told that he doesn't know how to work.  Honestly, he'd probably be kicking around TNA today as another washed up guy. There was a LOT of circumstances and hard pushing that led to him getting past the IC title level in 1999, and WCW wouldn't have been equipped to do any of it.