WWF Championship Wrestling: June 30, 1984

June 30, 1984
I had to skip ahead to this show as I do not have a copy of the 6/23 Championship Wrestling show as it was blocked on YouTube. In that show, Piper went to Cyndi Lauper’s recording studio demanding an apology from her over what happened on Piper’s Pit the week before. Lauper refused to apologize and challenged Albano to get a female wrestler to go up against a female wrestler that she will manage. They then showed a clip of Piper at Albano’s home, where Albano accepted the challenge. Thanks to thehistoryofwwe.com for providing that information.
Second thing, the copy I watched of this show is an incomplete version. It does not include the George Steele vs. Jose Luis Rivera match and it does not have the segment in which Cyndi Lauper selected Wendi Richter as her protégé. Also, the collage is gone from this version.
Your hosts are Gene Okerlund and Vince McMahon.
Vince and Gene run down the card, including the featured bout, which is Rene Goulet vs. Rocky Johnson. Also, Jesse Ventura and Greg Valentine will be in action. Plus, Piper’s Pit and Vince promises us a “collage” of WWF action from all around the world.

Rene Goulet vs. Rocky Johnson
Johnson is now sporting purple trunks that include his initials. He backs Goulet in the corner to start things off. Goulet gets a shoulderblock but Rocky comes back with a backdrop, getting two. He then puts Goulet in a bearhug as Vince salivates over Rocky’s physique. Goulet pisses off Rocky by breaking the bearhug with an eyerake, who then gets an armdrag and works on the arm. Goulet gets a knee smash then bites Rocky ni the corner. He tries a snapmare but Rocky cartwheels out of that and whips Goulet in the corner, flipping him upside down. Goulet uses cheap heel tactics in order to gain an advantage but he cannot overcome the strength of Rocky. They do some matwork as Vince refers to Rocky as a “young man.” Rocky was two months away from his 40th birthday at this point by the way. Goulet charges at Rocky in the corner but he turns it into a sunset flip and gets the win (5:00).
Thoughts: Vince and Okerlund spent the majority of this match putting over Johnson’s physique and promoting him as a singles wrestler. There was zero mention of Tony Atlas during the match. I’m pretty sure that Atlas’s substance abuse issues were a major problem around this time too but he did come back to work more matches later in the year. Speaking of the match, it was the usual stuff from Goulet. Johnson did not do anything that stood out. Actually, he was kind of going through the motions here.
Steve Lombardi vs. Jesse “The Body” Ventura
Ventura stalls while taking off his earrings then overpowers Lombardi a few times, stopping to pose after each occasion. The crowd is silent for all of Jesse’s heel antics. He takes down Lombardi and works the leg as the crowd starts to groan as this is really dragging out. He chops down Lombardi then sends him back to the mat with a throat thrust as a select few in the crowd start a “boring” chant. Lombardi fights back as the crowd remains silent. Lombardi’s punches are some of the worst you will ever see. He puts Jesse in a front facelock but gets picked up and placed in the corner. Jesse hits a few elbow smashes then drops an elbow for the win (5:48).
Thoughts: Awful match. Sometimes, Jesse’s antics do not get over with the crowd and this was definitely one of those occasions. These two are not designed to put on a nearly six minute long squash match. Vince and Okerlund also spent a good amount of time putting over Jesse’s physique.
Okerlund is with Jimmy Snuka. Gene brings up the incident on Piper’s Pit and asks Snuka how it has effected him. Snuka, looking very intense, speaks softly and asks the people to stop and think about how they would deal with what happened to him. He then continues to look intense as the segment ends. Snuka did a great job here. He made you want to see him kick Piper’s ass.
Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/ Capt. Lou Albano vs. Billy Travis
Travis gets backed into the ropes then Valentine gets a slam and a backbreaker. Okerlund states how he likes Greg’s skin color (He looks more tanned this week) and muscle texture as he works the arm. They are all about putting over physiques this week. Travis dodges an elbow drop and works the arm. He gets a hiptoss as Valentine retreats to the corner for a breather. Travis gets two off of a back elbow smash and Valentine rolls to the floor. The crowd does not care about any of this, by the way. Valentine goes back in and beats on Travis near the ropes. Albano grabs Travis as Valentine hits a guillotine. He works the arm then sends Travis down with a forearm smash. Slam by Valentine but Travis fights back. He leapfrogs Valentine and hits a pair of dropkicks. Travis ducks a chop but ends up getting backdropped to the floor. Albano steps on his hand before Valentine suplexes him back into the ring then puts on the Figure Four and Travis quickly submits (6:47).
Thoughts: Travis did okay but looked a little hesitant at times. Too bad the crowd didn’t get into his comebacks though. Valentine gave him a lot here.
We are shown a clip of the Fabulous Moolah at a bar beating men in arm wrestling contests. She also slaps a drunk that tries to hit on her. Albano is here and asks Moolah to represent him in the feud against Cyndi Lauper, because she is the champ and he always picks the champions. Moolah agrees and promises to hurt whoever Lauper selects. Segment was fine.
Piper is by himself on the interview set. He says that Lauper is loopy for messing with the Hot Rod. He then tells Lauper that she should look for a woman who takes male steroids or for an Orangutan to beat Moolah.
Okerlund plugs the July 14th house show at the Boston Garden.
Final Thoughts: The show did a good job in advancing the Lauper/Albano feud but the matches were subpar as a whole. The Ventura match was especially brutal. The commentary was focused on putting over physiques, which came off as homoerotic by the end of the show. They are trying to build Rocky as a singles wrestler, which is fine since there is no talent in the midcard as far as babyfaces. The show seems to be breaking up the format, including vignettes and showing off Hogan as a national star.