Lightning Round: Comics Edition

I give the super-hero, you give me the first (and/or second) definitive Story-arc

Legion of Super-Heroes:

Great Darkness Saga, obviously.  

Hal Jordan:

I'm gonna say Hard Travelling Heroes because Neal Adams signed my copy of the TPB.  


Didn't read any Marvel growing up, so I couldn't say.  

Age of Apocalypse really summed up the 90s in a lot of ways, with "Alpha" and "Omega" issues, foil covers, temporary renumbering, and a fake death undone months later.  


The Return of Barry Allen.  Turned Wally West into a main eventer for good.  Too bad they now hate him for some reason. 


For better or worse, the Clone Saga.  


Tower of Babel.  


Never read Hulk until very recently.  I really liked the last run of the title, though, with Hulk and Banner trying to outsmart each other with a series of seemingly impossible deathtraps.  

Captain America:

I've been reading the Steve Englehart stuff from the 70s with the Falcon via the Essential collections and really enjoying it, but I don't know that much of it is "definitive" because I was never a Marvel guy.  


Bare chested Batman fighting Ra's Al Ghul in the desert with awesome Neal Adams artwork.  You can also say Tower of Babel here.
Teen Titans:

The Judas Contract.  I still re-read that TPB all the time.  


No idea, never read anything from the character, although I really loved the movie.  

Fill in any you like.