Monday Night Open Mic

Woohoo we are on the Road to the Road to Wrestlemania. In just two weeks the sign pointing will begin.

The exciting news (for me at least) is that this woman is likely taking part in some form of Wrestlemania weekend. The current plan is to attend the Hall of Fame ceremonies and go to one of the watch parties in New York City for the event. A few bars in Times Square are doing some cool stuff.

For anyone that’s done a Wrestlemania week, is FanFest worth it to check out?

Also, reading the comments on the Factions review I did made me check out some 2004 Evolution stuff and there is quite the kick-ass 8-man tag between HBK, Foley, Benjamin and Benoit vs. Evolution. At least it was nice to know that at one point Benjamin was part of a top-program even if it meant mostly getting beat up by HHH.

And Rumble rumors? Who you got returning? MVP? Morrison? Swagger? Christian? Anyone else I’m missing? How about Legends returning? I think Vader re-appearing at the Rumble would be pretty cool.

Anyway enjoy the show, come out swinging and house rules say you better keep it clean.