Anti American Gimmicks

Eh, he'll be fine.  He's already an elite worker and they like him enough to keep him protected.   It's not like a Brodus Clay deal where the character has a a two month shelf life and they get bored with it.  Cesaro has real goods behind this and they clearly know it.

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From: "David Tramonte" <[email protected]>
Date: Jan 14, 2013 11:11 PM
Subject: Anti American Gimmicks
To: "Scott Keith" <[email protected]>

Can Antonio Cesaro move on to something better for his career after doing this run with an Anti U.S. gimmick? And before you answer think of the careers of the following people after they tried to transition from the same "anti America" schtick:

Iron Shiek, Sgt Slaughter, Volkoff, Koloff, Ludvig Borga, Muhammad Hassan, La Resistance, Lance Storm and countless others.

I think you can even make a case that Bret Hart's career suffered a bit from trashing US audiences and then expecting them to just go about cheering him again. (90% of his career downfall was the fallout from Montreal and WCW's stupidity with not knowing what to do with him but I think he would have had a hard time had he stayed in WWF trying to be a face again after destroying the US for an entire year.