Greatest blow-off match that never happened

The post about the end game for the Hart Foundation/Austin angle got me thinking. Was Bret/Austin II the greatest blow-off match that never happened? It was a great angle but it never fully concluded satisfactorily. Austin got transitioned into the Owen feud, Bret was caught up HBK and then we all know what happened in Montreal so we never really got a definitive end. This is a question/discussion point for you and the other BODers; great angles that never got a proper end for one reason or another. Another one that comes to mind is Flair jumping to WWF before dropping the belt to Luger. Any others?

I'd say Austin-Hart was right up there as far as best laid plans falling apart, yeah. There's an endless list of DISAPPOINTING blowoffs (Goldberg v. Nash, Horsemen v. nWo, Vince McMahon v. The Government of the United States) but for a case where a storyline had built for a year and then was never mentioned again, I can't think of a better example than  that one.  
The Flair-Luger thing wasn't really a blowoff because Luger wasn't chasing the title in the first place and barely cared about it for most of 1991.  I think a better one would be Midnight Express v. Midnight Express, where it built to a loser-leaves-town match at ChiTown Rumble and then Dennis Condrey quit the promotion, kind of negating the entire point.  Another good one that people might not remember from the same era is Fantastics v. Sheepherders, which was obviously supposed to be the US tag title match at Starrcade 88 before Vince signed the Sheepherders away something like the day before they were scheduled to be in the finals of the tournament for the belts.  That had been an entertaining undercard feud, back when the Herders were scary heels.