Did you hate HHH in 2000?

Hi Scott,

Flair4dagold here.

I got into a (one-sided)debate with another poster in the Taka-HHH thread in which he was adamant that you HATED HHH in 2000 and all of the evidence I found from match reviews and even your "glass ceiling" article leads me to believe that you thoroughly enjoyed his run because he was putting on 4* matches on a consistent basis.  The larger problem, as highlighted in the "glass ceiling" article, was by early 2001, the main event scene was becoming stale and that WWF/E blaming guys like Jericho for not getting as over was dumb because they didn't get the same kind of push as HHH or UT.

Can you clarify, did you hate HHH in 2000?  Did you order the code red??


 I loved HHH in 98 during the DX run, hated him in 99 when he got shoved down our throats as an undeserving World champion, loved him immensely from the moment he date-raped Stephanie in Vegas until he tore his quad in 2001, and then basically hated him from his comeback at Rumble 2002 until the present time.  In fact in 2000 I was famously quoted as saying "HHH is God".