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Thought this might be an interesting discussion for your blog.

One of your posters made a comment about how you don't hear any backstage political BS in regards to Kane, and it got me thinking…..we don't really hear too much political BS about anybody anymore.  Sure, you'll have people make comments about Triple H and the Undertaker, however they aren't full time any more (not to mention that Triple H tends to lose when he returns, and Undertaker pretty much returns just to win at WrestleMania — which many seem to consider a rite of passage).  Yes, Tyler Reks and Ken Doane (and Jesse Baker) have told a couple of stories about John Cena, but even he seems to avoid any negative backstage stories.

Almost all backstage political stories seem to be about the corporate side, not the wrestlers themselves.  Do you think this generation of Superstars just aren't as political, or do you think it just isn't as widely reported?

I think that most of them are a bunch of neutered little puppies who are terrified to stand up for themselves because there's no more legitimate competition and they don't want to lose their meager videogame royalties. I have lots of respect for MVP, who quit on his own terms because he didn't like the treatment he was getting, went to New Japan and became a star with an easier schedule, and now he's apparently coming back again, along with Low-Ki.  And I bet John Morrison gets a hell of a deal when they desperately call him the next time a main eventer goes down and they need someone to headline 3-5 PPVs against John Cena.  
Not that I condone behavior on the part of guys like HHH and formerly Shawn Michaels, but look who's running the company now.  Nobody ever accused them of being afraid to speak their mind to Vince, and they're gonna be the braintrust steering the ship for the next couple of decades.