nWo Members


How did WCW determine some of the lesser additions to the nWo?  Guys like Dibiase, Virgil/Vincent, Trayler, Leslie, Adams, Syxx, Savage, et al made sense because of the theme of former WWF guys staging a 'hostile takeover.'  Mid-card additions like Scott Norton, Konnan, Buff Bagwell, Chono/Tenzan/Muta never quite added up to me though.  Obviously WCW never had a lot of rhyme or reason to their decisions, but it seems a bit odd even by their standards, given that they never really did anything with some of those guys anyway.  Were the Norton and Konnan type additions just hook-ups to Hogan/Nash/Hall friends?

Also, do you think there is anyone on the WCW roster back then who would have benefited from being added to the nWo?  If the stable was open to anyone (not just former WWF guys), Eddie Guerrero seems to me like a guy who could have reaped the benefit of being the 'workrate guy' in the nWo.

Once you got past the first six or seven guys, it basically turned into "Who can we add this week to be shocking?"  The NJ additions were because of a licensing agreement with NJ, obviously.  And yeah, beyond that it was just guys like Horace and Konnan who were juiced in.

As for benefits from being added, is there really anyone outside of DDP who WASN'T a member at some point?  Raven, maybe?