Mickie vs AJ

Hi Scott

Someone posted this question on a forum I visit and the idea intrigued me.  I was wondering what you thought of it.  The basic idea was what if Mickie James had played the AJ character in 2008 when she began her storyline with John Cena.  Would it have worked?  We already know Mickie was effective at playing the psycho character in 2005/2006.  So I don't think being a crazy man eater would've been that much of a stretch.  The bigger question, I suppose, is: would this have been a good way to keep the momentum going for her character, or would playing this character have been more of a side step (or even a step back for her) in terms of her progression as a character?  And the other question is: would Mickie have played AJ better than AJ does now?

You are speaking a foreign language to me because I wasn't watching in 2008 and have no idea what you're talking about with that storyline.  Or if I was, I don't remember Mickie and Cena interacting.