4 Horseman 2K12

Hey Scott,

With the return of Flair, I was thinking about how awesome it would be if the Horsemen returned. Normally, I am not a fan of recreating factions, but
this strikes me as a great use of Flair (only as mouthpiece!) and to give the rub to some young talent. What would you think of the Shield and Punk? Flair was working with Punk all along and Heyman can be retained as the agent while Flair manages.  Odd pairing I know but why the hell not. As a dominant heel faction it would surely capture my interest.

It's been 15 years since the Horsemen died out for good now, it's time to let it go, everyone.  And putting Punk with Heyman AND Flair seems like overkill, but then so did Punk and Heyman in the first place and that's been a pretty awesome combination so what do I know?  

Speaking of all of this, I think they're going for the big swerve at Rumble by building up the Maddox v. Heyman tension, so they do a fake babyface turn for Maddox, have him assigned to the Rock-Punk match, and then BAM, Rock gets screwed out of the title.  I just feel like ending the Punk run without doing the full Shield-and-Maddox-as-backup storyline would be a colossal waste.