I've got a few questions, that over the course of my 30 years of fandom, I've never understood.  Let's pick your brain…

My brain hurts enough after two days of trying to get Cyanogenmod running on my tablet.  Go easy on me.
1) What was the point of John Studd winning the '89 Rumble?  Was he in line for a push that didn't work out, or was this just intended to show that "anyone" could win?
He was in line for a big push, but then went and let them down by developing a crippling disease that killed him. 
2) I know that before the '93 King of the Ring PPV, there was an annual, one night tournament called the King of the Ring held in Providence, RI each year since the mid '80's.  What was the purpose of this when the results were never mentioned, the card wasn't promoted on TV nationally and no one was referred to as the King as a result of the event?
Nothing really, it was just a local event that was there to boost business for that town.  
3) Was there ever any discussion that you are aware of revolving anyone other than Flair being revealed as the Black Scorpion?  I know had originally wanted "The Angel of Death" guy from the indys, but once that didn't pan out, I always wondered why not go with Pillman (huge turn), Windham (so-so surprise) or Luger (meh, but would make sense). 

They wanted it to be a variety of people, including Dave Sheldon, Al Perez, and a few others, and the only one foolish enough to take the job was Flair in the end.  This is why you always come up with the endgame FIRST when you book this sort of thing.  
Thanks in advance for your time…have enjoyed your work for many, many years.  Hope you still enjoy covering wrestling as much and I still enjoy your writing about it.