Question for the Blog – SCSA Title Reign

Hi Scott,

Quick question for the blog:

Recently, Kevin Sullivan posted an entry on his blog rewriting the history of the WWE Championship ( He has Steve Austin winning the title against Shawn Michaels at WM 14 on 3/29/98 and not losing the title until 2/25/01 against the Rock at No Way Out. My question is, would a near 3 year title reign have worked during the Attitude Era & Monday Night Wars? It seems to me that given the number of PPV's as well as the need to win the ratings war, a title reign of that length would be impossible. Your thoughts?

Thanks for your time!


Not to mention that Austin was injured several times and the poor guy needed time off so as not to kill himself in the ring.  3 years of Austin as champion would have been immensely boring and there probably would have been a backlash against him from the fans.  Austin worked as the top guy precisely because he WAS beatable and didn't always come out of the big match on top.  He was a regular guy.