NXT – January 9, 2013

January 9, 2013
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
William Regal, Tom Phillips
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
main story tonight is Seth Rollins of the Shield defending the title
against Big E. Langston, the unstoppable monster that seemed to scare
the Shield away last week. That’s the kind of basic yet logical
storytelling you don’t get on the main shows anymore. It should be
interesting to see where they go with this, especially with Langston
playing a heel on Raw now. Let’s get to it.

opening video recaps the title match. It’s No DQ tonight apparently.
Tatsu/Percy Watson vs. Wyatt Family
get to hear Bray cut one of his awesome promos, talking about how
he’ll bite the head off a snake just to taste its poisons. He tells
his family to make him proud and the visual of the three of them
together is pretty awesome looking. The Family is Erick Rowan and
Luke Harper in case you’ve forgotten. Wyatt sits down in his rocking
chair on the stage and we’re ready go to.
and Harper start but Luke beats him down very quickly and brings in
Rowan. Off to Watson who fires off some clotheslines and a dropkick
to knock Erick to a knee. That’s about the extent of his luck though
as Erick chokes away and Harper cheats a bit as well. Back to Harper
who pounds away on Watson’s back and tags in Rowan for a neck crank.

finally fights out and tags out to Tatsu for the comeback. Yoshi
fires off kicks and chops to Harper and a Shining Wizard for two.
Harper drills Watson again but gets kicked in the head by Tatsu.
Yoshi misses a top rope spinwheel kick and a discus lariat gets the
pin for Harper at 4:12.
C-. Just an extended squash
here but the Wyatt Family plays these characters so well that it’s
hard to not enjoy these matches. Watson and Tatsu seemed to have
some potential back in the day but now they’re the jobbiest jobbers
that ever lived. Ok maybe that’s a bit extreme but they’re lucky to
even get spots like these.
vs. Paige
is Australian and dances a lot. Paige gets a HUGE pop, easily the
loudest I’ve heard for a Diva in years. A Paige chant starts things
up and Emma gets thrown down by the hair. Emma comes back with a low
dropkick for a delayed two as Regal sings Paige’s praises. The
dropkick might have hurt Paige’s knee and thankfully Emma works it
over a bit. Back to the dancing as Regal continues to be confused by
it. Off to a half crab which makes sense as Emma is a Lance Storm
student. Paige kicks away and hits the Paige Turner out of nowhere
for the pin at 2:42. Her popularity continues to impress me.
vs. Michael McGillicutty/Bo Dallas
it up last week, pay it off this week. Michael saved Bo last week
from a double beatdown in case you’re new around here. McGillicutty
and Primo start things off and it’s a quick standoff. The fans want
Rosa who is absent tonight. Michael easily takes it to the mat and
cranks on a headlock. Primo fights out and tags in Epico who
immediately gets put in a headlock of his own. Back to Primo and he
gets headlocked down as well. Primo fights up and is almost
immediately puts in a third headlock. Well you can’t say they’re
says that Bo and Michael could become “one of the greatest tag
teams of all time.” I know I ask for less realism in wrestling but
that’s a stretch even for me. We take a break and come back with
Dallas holding Epico in a chinlock. Dallas pounds away in the corner
but Epico finally escapes and gets Bo in trouble in the corner.
Primo hits a running crotch attack to Dallas in a 619 position for
two before it’s off to Epico for a chinlock.
fights out but gets rammed right back into the heel corner for more
of the beating he’s taking. The cousins hit a Russian
legsweep/spinning leg sweep (Saturn’s half of Total Elimination) for
no cover before it’s back to Epico for more stomping. Primo
accidentally dropkicks his cousin and there’s the hot tag to
McGillicutty. A lariat and Saito Suplex put Primo down as everything
breaks down. In the confusion, Primo hits a Backstabber on
McGillicutty for the pin at 9:48 shown of 13:18.
C-. Again not a great match but
it certainly wasn’t that bad. McGillicutty continues to be a guy
that should be getting bigger spots than he’s in at the moment, but
as long as his name is Michael McGillicutty, that’s simply not going
to happen. I don’t get the need to have him pinned here, especially
given how much Regal puts him over on commentary.
Title: Seth Rollins vs. Big E. Langston
DQ and Rollins is defending. Rollins doesn’t have music yet. After
the big match intros we’re ready to go. Langston grabs a kick and
shoves Rollins down to start, freaking Seth out. The champion grabs
a front facelock and gets shoved into the corner for some shoulder
blocks. Langston misses a charge into the corner and hits the post,
but immediately comes back with a gorilla press to send Rollins to
the floor.
goes after him but here are Reigns and Ambrose for the triple
beatdown. Big E. gets sent into the steps as we take a break. Back
with both guys in the ring again with Rollins firing off kicks to the
ribs. Rollins hooks a triangle choke but Langston fights up and hits
an electric chair drop to escape. The crowd is ENTIRELY behind
Langston here as he fires off clotheslines. A double clothesline
takes down Ambrose and Reigns but they run in again to break up the
Big Ending.
guys from the locker room come out to try to stop the non-champions
of the Shield but are quickly dispatched. Eventually about 15 guys
come out and FINALLY clear them out, leaving it one on one. Rollins
hits the standing Sliced Bread for two and the kickout scares him to
death. He loads it up again, but Langston catches him on his
shoulder and the Big Ending gives Langston the title at 6:38 shown of
C+. The match itself wasn’t
much, but the run-ins were handled perfectly, making this feel like a
huge moment and a nearly Attitude Era style main event. I also
really like the idea of not having Langston beat up the Shield on his
own as it keeps things a bit more realistic given how strong Shield
has been pushed. Not a great match, but really good booking of a
title change.
locker room comes to the ring to celebrate with Langston.
B-. This is one of
those shows where the earlier stuff wasn’t that great, but at the end
of the day it doesn’t really matter. This was all about Langston
winning the title and they pulled that part off quite well. I’m
pretty sure this was the last episode in this batch of tapings, so
starting next week we should be able to see where things are headed.
Good show this week, as usual.
Family b. Yoshi Tatsu/Percy Watson – Discus Lariat to Tatsu
b. Emma – Paige Turner
b. Michael McGillicutty/Bo Dallas – Backstabber to McGillicutty
E. Langston b. Seth Rollins – Big Ending
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