History of ECW 6/19/1998

Taped from Philadelphia, PA
Airdate: June 19, 1998
Hosted by Joey Styles
From the WWE Studios Joey welcomes us to another installment of the History of ECW. This week’s episode emanates from the ECW Arena. In this episode Justin Credible and Jerry Lynn square off in an “I Quit” match. Also, will Tommy Dreamer get some revenge for what the Dudley Boyz did to Beulah? Let’s find out!

The Dudley Boyz are in the ring, and Bubba is trying to excite the crowd with his dancing and stuttering. As expected it doesn’t work so he badmouths and makes fun of all the “smart marks” instead. 

“Beavis and Butthead got canned” begins the opening credits.
Joey opens the program shilling the next show at “the notorious bingo hall” on June 27. Next he mentions the forthcoming “rumble-style” 8-man street fight:
Match 1: Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Little Spike Dudley, and New Jack versus the Dudley Boyz and Jack Victory (w/ Joel Gertner and Sign Guy Dudley)
This is a hardcore street fight with Royal Rumble-like 2-minute intervals. Minus the copyrighted music Sandman gets his full entrance. We then take a break.
When we return footage of the Dudley Boyz’ putting Beulah on the shelf with the Dudley Death Drop is shown. Sandman starts off with Bubba Ray. A sword versus shield fight breaks out as Sandman uses his cane while Bubba blocks with the chair. That is until Sandman whacks Bubba in the leg with the cane. Each man misses a weapon shot then Sandman blasts Bubba with a cane shot to the head.
Bubba gets whipped off the ropes, ducks a cane shot, and wallops Sandman with a chair shot to the head. In the middle of the match Bubba grabs the microphone and expresses his disdain for Sandman: “All you have is that cane, a beer, and a pack of cigarettes. I’ve been paying my dues in this company for as long as your wife has been f------ Raven.” Criminy! Not surprisingly Sandman proceeds to tear into Bubba like a tornado through a trailer park.
We move forward and Jack Victory has entered the fracas. Bubba gives Sandman his half of the Dudley Death Drop. While Victory holds Sandman’s arms Bubba nails him with a garbage can. Bubba grabs the microphone again and iterates: “Jim Fullington, you live by the cane, and you’re gonna die by it!” WHACK!
Tommy Dreamer hits the ring carrying barbed wire. Immediately he goes after Jack Victory and bulldogs him on the barbed wire. Dreamer’s cross-corner whip of Bubba gets reversed, but Bubba misses the avalanche. Dreamer follows up with a huracanrana? Whoa! Go Tommy! He follows with a clothesline then attacks Victory with the barbed wire. Following that he bulldogs Bubba on the barbed wire. Next he tosses Victory over the top rope to the floor and goes after him. Upon tossing the garbage can back in the ring Bubba intercepts it and knocks Sandman silly (or is it sillier?)
We move forward, and D-Von comes in to destroy Dreamer and Sandman. Meanwhile Bubba lays in the beating to Sandman with the barbed wire on Sandman’s face. The blow-up doll from last week gets involved until Little Spike Dudley hits the ring with a ladder and takes down D-Von. He then proceeds to add D-Von to the gig club with the barbed wire. Next he gives Bubba the Acid Drop.
In the following segment Spike climbs a huge ladder in the ring. He then delivers a plancha from the top of the ladder to the Dudley Boyz on the floor! Joey celebrates with an “Oh My God” while the crowd chants “ECW!” Victory eats a table at ringside while Bubba eats a chair shot. Provolone or cheese whiz, guys? D-Von gives Dreamer a sidewalk slam on the ladder.
New Jack completes the 8-man street fight ensemble by coming in and using weapons on Bubba’s head. While he rings Victory’s bell with a cowbell somehow Dreamer uses a shopping cart to send Bubba and Big Dick into soprano mode! D-Von is the next victim of Spike’s Acid Drop but Bubba saves the pinfall with a weapon shot to the head. He then picks Spike up by the hair and drops him like a bad habit.
Dreamer then delivers the Dreamer driver to D-Von. As New Jack tries to deliver a chair shot from the top rope onto D-Von, Victory intercepts and wallops New Jack with a guitar. New Jack is out and gets pinned. **
Highlights from the match between Beulah and Fonzie from “As Good As It Gets ‘97” are shown. If you have not seen this match in its entirety please seek it out. You would think it would suck but you’d be wrong.
Back in the WWE Studios Joey informs us that the Beulah-Fonzie match is the bloodiest match in ECW history. It’s a little known fact for all the Cliff Clavins out there! He also lets us know that after the match Fonzie had to be rushed to the hospital for a transfusion because he lost so much blood. Yikes!
Match 2 “I Quit”: Justin Credible (w/ Jason, Nicole Bass, and Chastity) versus Jerry Lynn
OK, I have a question for my ECW fans, I understand why WCW signed away guys like Mikey Whipwreck and Sandman back in ’99 but what business did they have signing away Chastity? A pair of signs in the front row petition for Justin Credible versus RVD at the next PPV. Nicole Bass is too scantily clad than medically necessary for this match. <Shudder>
To start the match they tie up in the corner and trade chops. A cross-corner whip sequence culminates with an inverted atomic drop and face plant by Lynn. A rope sequence follows where the end result is Lynn giving Credible a dragon screw leg whip that hurt just looking at it! In a good way, of course. Credible then stalls on the outside with Jason in order to restore the feeling back in his right leg.
When Credible re-enters Lynn takes control and works him over. He even gets a sweet kick to the head with Credible in the corner. He then applies a single-leg Boston Crab while Joey offers us a tale of Credible doing some training in Calgary. According to Joey Stu Hart referred to training Credible as his biggest mistake. D’oh!
After slamming Credible Lynn applies a figure-four headlock. While I understand the implied lack of intelligence on Credible’s part Lynn should have continued to work on the leg here. He then gives Credible a cross-corner whip but misses the charging elbow. Next he hoists Credible onto the top turnbuckle, joins him, and then delivers a bulldog. I’m surprised that he tried this move a mere three months after Rick Steiner injured Buff Bagwell’s neck with that maneuver. Then again no one has ever accused Rick Steiner of being a MENSA member anyways.
As Credible leans against the ropes Lynn charges and is sent over the top rope. He lands on the apron, but Jason pulls his feet to the floor sending him face-first to the apron.  Bass then delivers a clothesline. Credible joins Lynn at ringside and whips him into the steel railing. Back in the ring Credible works over Lynn with punches and a choke on the middle rope then gets some assistance from Jason and Chastity. After slamming Lynn he gets caught while mounting the top turnbuckle. He maintains the advantage though and gives Lynn a sunset flip from the top rope!
Since pinfalls do not count in this match Credible applies the Liontamer. Lynn makes the ropes but falls victim to the Outsider’s Edge. In case you couldn’t guess the crowd eats him alive for it. Without delay he applies his own single-leg Boston Crab. After Lynn makes the ropes he gets suplexed onto the top turnbuckle. Credible then mounts the rope in order to deliver a superplex. Instead Lynn sunset flips him, but Credible blocks and delivers punches. Lynn counters those into a Tiger bomb.
 Lynn applies a camel clutch to Credible. He then tries to come off the ropes for momentum but Chastity and Bass trip and drag him outside the ring while Jason distracts the referee. Credible joins Lynn outside the ring and makes him eat the steel railing. He then throws Lynn back in, grabs him out of the corner by the legs, attempts to powerbomb him, but gets headscissored out of the ring!
Lynn joins Credible at ringside again and tosses him over the steel railing. Jason tries to interfere, but Lynn backdrops him over the steel railing onto Credible. He then mounts the top turnbuckle and delivers a plancha into the first row! The crowd celebrates with an “ECW” chant. Lynn tosses Credible back to ringside and then back in the ring. He follows with another single-leg Boston crab. Anyone have any Old Bay?
Jason comes in the ring with a chair but misses two chair shots before getting leg-whipped. Lynn then gives Jason a tiger bomb. Bass enters the ring. Lynn kicks her in the midsection and delivers a chair shot to her back! Chastity tries a high cross body from the top rope only to be caught and piledriven! Unfortunately for Lynn Credible nails him from behind with a low blow.
A cross-corner whip gets reversed then Lynn is backdropped onto the apron. He tries to suplex Credible but gets countered and sent into the timekeeper’s table below! OUCH! Back in the ring Credible flips off the south Philly crowd and attempts “That’s Incredible”; however, Lynn blocks it and hits him with the tombstone piledriver. He then locks Credible into a modified STF, and Credible submits! I will explain my reason for the rating at the end. ***
Paul Heyman narrates the story of Taz’s “one-man crime spree” dating from Living Dangerously ’98 to the present.
Joey then informs us that at Heat Wave ’98 on August 2 Taz will “defend” his FTW belt against Bam Bam Bigelow. He goes on to say that the event was supposed to take place in Indianapolis, IN; however, NASCAR scheduled the Brickyard 400 for the same weekend. Thus, ECW had no options for airfare, car rentals, etc. Instead the event will emanate from Dayton, OH. He then basically calls Paul Heyman certifiably crazy for booking the event at the Hara Arena. Good luck filling that joint, ECW!
Overall this show delivered what ECW was known for—bloodbaths and hard-hitting matches. While the 8-man street fight was entertaining from a hardcore wrestling perspective the “I Quit” match failed to deliver on its name. When I think of “I Quit” matches I think of Magnum T.A. versus Tully Blanchard and Terry Funk versus Ric Flair.
While those matches were ***** classics and can be viewed again and again with great enthusiasm, this match resembled more of a submission match. Nevertheless they could not have called it a submission match because fans probably would have wanted to grade it on the same scale as Austin-Hart from WrestleMania XIII. Again while that match was a ***** classic this one did not live up to expectations.
This match was not a fight inasmuch as it was a wrestling match to elevate both Credible and Lynn on the ECW roster. It did not appear as if any grudge was settled. We will see in the coming episodes how elevated both Credible and Lynn became because of this match. Methinks these guys could benefit from wrestling other opponents to better themselves going forward. Stay tuned to more History of ECW reviews from your resident Rock Star in the coming weeks!

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