Trainwreck Matches

Hola Mr. Keith, just had a couple of questions that I think would stimulate conversation on the blog, and I'm curious your take on them. It's on the subject of Train wreck style matches and ridiculous bumps that arise from them. 

1. Which match do you find more entertaining, and why? Foley / Rock "I Quit" or Angle / Shane "Oh sorry did you land on your head? let me help you through this glass pane".

I don't know if I've mentioned/stressed how much I f------ HATE Rock/Foley Halftime Heat recently, but I do.  I thought it was a ridiculous, business-exposing pile of Russo-fied b-------, although Rock's line about the salsa was awesome.  Shane/Angle was great, although as noted the plate glass window should have been the finish because the guy was SUPLEXED THROUGH A F------ WINDOW.  So they both kind of bugged me in different ways.  

2. I know "I Quit" got out of hand toward the end there, but was the plan for Shane's match always to essentially beat the guy within an inch of his life and let him take bumps on cold, hard, concrete? Who comes up with these things?

Shane, believe it or not.  He loved doing that stuff.  

3. What's your favorite "Trainwreck" match of all time?

Raven/Richards v. Pitbulls, duh.  

4. Whats your favorite "Sick bump" of all time? 

Cactus Jack taking a Pedigree into the thumbtacks at Royal Rumble 2000, because it MEANT something and turned HHH into a big star for many years to come.  It was this guy who was the master of brutality in a blood feud with someone with everything to prove, and after 20 minutes of kicking each other's ass HHH showed that he just wanted it more by going where Cactus couldn't.  

5. How did you feel about the Edge / Foley vs. Funk / Dreamer Hardcore match they did a few years back? 

I don't remember it but apparently I gave it a good review when I watched it.  I also give an extra 1/2* for Lita's involvement around that time, though.  

6. Are there any matches you find hard to watch because of the level of brutality involved? Obviously watching matches involving he-who-shall-not-be-named is difficult, but I mean matches involving two still (relatively) healthy competitors.

Ever tried to watch the barbed wire match where Sabu won the World title from Terry Funk? I don't recommend it.

Awesome! Happy New Year (Do they celebrate that in Canada?)

Yes, but we spell it with an extra "u" for some reason.