Movies Biopics about Wrestlers

Hello Mr. Keith.  I was a huge Benoit fan, and I always thought his career, culminating in his WM20 win, would have been a Great Story that an honest-to-god Movie can be made about.  Since he did what he did and that will never happen, and instead we are getting an entirely different movie, I was wondering who do you think has the career that can be made into a audience accessible film.  My Picks:

Vince McMahon: I wish i can have Aaron Sorkin write a script covering his purchasing of the territories, 80's boom, steroid trails, probably ending with his victory in the Monday Night Wars.  A lot to cover, but the man is quite the story

Paul Heyman/ECW: The documentary did very well, but in a company where the Boss had his table in the middle of a  lockeroom full of new guys, legends and crazies, i wouldn't even know where to begin

Mick Foley:  To me, this is my #1 pick, adapting from "Have a Nice Day".  The story of an out-of-shape Joe Shmo, starting in the smallest arenas, the strangest venues around the world, going through a lot, JAPAN MATCHES!, the stories from the road, a wide variety of friends, foes, bosses, gimmicks, marrying the model, ending achieving his dream winning the world title….the book is the screenplay.

Your thoughts?  And Dexter this year……WOW!!!!!

Dexter kind of fizzled out for me once they killed off the character who I will not spoil here.  It was going awesome and then turned into Serial Killer True Romance and the last few episodes weren't really ABOUT anything.  That said, the ending was a total gut-punch and a gamechanger, for sure.  
Anyway, I have long thought that a Vince movie was the money idea.  Rock was reportedly developing a Boogie Nights-style TV show about the 80s wrestling scene for NBC but that seems to have vanished.  But Vince himself is a such a character that you could easily do a movie about him. 
And I think, but don't quote me on this because I haven't had any caffeine this morning and could be totally out to lunch, that Ready to Rumble was supposed to originally be a loosely-adapted version of Mick Foley's life before it went completely off the rails during development.  It's been a long time but I thought that's what I had heard before it came out.