Quick question

Hey, Scott.  I'm a fan of TNA, in part due to the idea that competition breeds better wrestling programming (a sentiment I know you've expressed before).  This summer TNA really was putting out a quality product, and I think for the most part most of their stuff is enjoyable.  Which brings me to Aces and 8's.  You've been killing this angle for a while, and as much as I want it to work, I have to concede, it doesn't.  Rather than concentrate on what they could have done I was wondering what could be done.  My challenge to you is to book TNA out of this mess and salvage the angle; is there a way?  

Nope.  They need to have Sting or whoever run through these goofs at the next available PPV, unmask them all, and then have them ride off into the sunset.  The entire group has been comprised of hasbeens or jobbers thus far, and there's no one on the horizon (D-Lo, Brisco, Garrett) who is going to redeem this thing and make people take them seriously.  Especially since they lose every match.  I know TNA has a hard-on for decompressed storytelling and making sure they do EVERY BEAT of their storyline exactly when they planned it, but it's time for some damage control with this shit.  Have Dixie just fire them all and go scorched earth with it.