Spring Stampede

I was watching Spring Stampede 1999 the other night (skipping the tag match of course.  I'm not a monster), and the main event leaves me with questions.  What was the deal with the Hogan injury?  I've never heard the explanation for that.  I'm assuming it was a legit injury that he had coming in to the match?  Is that accurate?  Or did it happen during the match?  If it did happen during the match, what was the original booking?  Those couple of months were really strange in Hulk's booking as he had just returned from his 'presidential run' to form the new and improved wolfpac with the 'finger poke of doom', then Flair turned mega-heel making Hogan sort of an afterthought.  He was showing signs of a face turn, which was odd seeing as the rest of the wolfpac was still mega-heel, got hurt, then came back and took the belt from Savage, who I think was a face at the time, with help from Nash before Nash turned on him and Hogan went back to the red and yellow.  I think I have all this straight.  Anyway, what was the deal with Spring Stampede?

The Hogan injury was a work best that I can tell.  That whole Nash booking era was some spectacularly awful stuff in terms of meaningless swerves and rapid-fire title changes for no reason.  And yeah, to this day I don't know why they switched the belt around from Nash to Savage to Hogan again like that, especially since Nash was turning on Hogan to set up their "retirement" match at Road Wild. You'd think having Hogan win the belt THERE would make more sense than having him defend it.