Were people really throwing trash in the ring when Hogan turned Heel

I was watching Bash '96 when Hulk Hogan went to the NWO. I noticed that, although there was a LOT of trash in the ring, I couldn't find one person actually throwing anything. In fact, it looks as though people were cheering when Hulk dropped the leg on Savage.

I may be way off base here but were people actually throwing trash in the ring or was it designed to look that way. I know you can't figure it out from the video but has anyone ever talked about this?

Of COURSE they were.  WCW was freaking about it for weeks afterwards, in fact, because they didn't want to get sued by anyone, and rightly so.  The garbage throwing was one of the craziest spontaneous fan reactions to an angle that I've ever seen, although thankfully now people don't get much crazier than chanting "Yes" at Daniel Bryan.  But yeah, totally real.