NXT – January 2, 2013

January 2, 2013
Full Sail University, Orlando, Florida
Tony Dawson, William Regal
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
back to a regular show this week after last week’s pretty awesome
year in review show. The main change is that the Shield has now been
acknowledged in NXT, which is kind of strange as Ambrose never
appeared on this show that I remember. Anyway, it’s nice to see
things caught up even a little bit as we’ve now hit Survivor Series.
Skipping a week or so wouldn’t really be that big of a deal would it?
Let’s get to it.

anything else has time to happen, the Shield is beating down some
guys who we didn’t even get to see. The bell was ringing as Coheed
and Cambria were wrapping up the theme song. Dusty pops up on stage
and says that’s enough. Ambrose says that’s just a small taste of
what they’re capable of. It’s all in the name of justice and
righting wrongs. Rollins says they’re taking over NXT just like they
did with Raw and Smackdown. Dusty says that Rollins is defending the
title against Corey Graves tonight. Rollins says ok but be careful
what you wish for. Reigns says this is their house and Dusty is
paying rent.
Dallas vs. Epico
fans want the absent Rosa and I can’t say I blame them. Dallas runs
him over to start and grabs a headlock, only to nearly fall to the
floor as Epico sends him into the ropes. A knee to Dallas’ ribs
takes him down and a slingshot hilo gets two. Epico hooks a body
scissors followed by a backbreaker with Dallas being bent over the
knee. A dropkick from Epico sends Dallas into the most overblown
fall this side of a Curt Hennig match and gets two. He spun in about
a circle and a half from a standard dropkick. Dallas shrugs off
right hands and starts to smile. A belly to belly suplex to Epico
sets up the spear for the pin at 5:06.
C-. I try to get into Bo Dallas
matches but I just do not care for the guy. He certainly isn’t
terrible and I don’t groan when he has a match, but man alive I just
do not care when he’s in the ring. Part of it is the spear as a
finisher. I can’t stand it when small guys use the spear as it never
looks right. It drove me crazy when Christian would use it because
as a power move, it wouldn’t do much damage using wrestling logic.
Anyway, not a terrible match or anything here and the fans are into
match the cousins circle Dallas until McGillicutty makes the save,
likely setting up a tag match.
Banks vs. Tamina Snuka
pounds her down as Regal talks about how she’s a second generation
athlete. The interesting part: he DOESN’T say whose daughter she is!
After an abdominal stretch from Tamina, Sasha makes a comeback with
chops and a monkey flip followed by a victory roll for one. Dawson
reminds us who Tamina’s papa is as she hits a Samoan Drop and
Superfly Splash for the pin at 2:49. Total squash.
Ohno/Leo Kruger vs. Tyson Kidd/Justin Gabriel
some reason I never put it together that Gabriel and Kruger are both
from South Africa. The non-South Africans start things off and trade
a few go behinds until it’s off to Gabriel so things can speed up.
Ohno hits a knee/kick to the face and brings in Kruger to face the
almost immediately tagged Kidd. International Airstrike (were they
ever officially called that?) hit some MCMG style double team moves
to torment Kruger, with most of the moves being based around kicks to
the face.
get a breather as Kidd hooks a quick armbar but changes over to a
Sharpshooter attempt instead. Kruger heads to the floor along with
Ohno and it’s time to unleash the dives. Kidd takes out Kruger after
Gabriel dives on Ohno and we take a break. Back with IA hitting
stereo kicks to Kruger’s chest/back for two for Tyson. An Ohno
distraction lets Kruger hit a spinebuster on Kidd to take over.
comes in with a standing backsplash for two and it’s off to a
modified cravate to crank on Kidd’s neck a bit. Back to Leo for a
snap suplex for two followed by some elbows. Kassius shouts that Leo
is an animal. So should he want to hunt himself? Kruger drops knees
on Tyson’s ribs and hooks a quick chinlock before Ohno comes back in.
Kidd dives to the corner and makes the hot tag, allowing Gabriel to
speed things WAY up. After diving on Ohno, a blue thunder bomb gets
two on Kruger. Everything breaks down as the South Africans trade
rollups. Leo hits the Kruger End for the pin at 8:13 shown of 11:43.
C+. Good tag match here,
although I don’t think Dawson is accurate when he calls this a career
defining win. I like Kruger more every time I see him aside from his
finisher and the big game hunter thing is working for him. Kidd and
Gabriel were their usual awesome selves here. That leaves Ohno, who
I still do not get the appeal of at all. I know he’s talented, but
this just isn’t working for me at all.
Title: Seth Rollins vs. Corey Graves
tells me Graves isn’t really the favorite here. They slug it out to
start with Graves taking over, getting two each off a small package
and backslide. He goes for the leg lock but Seth makes a rope.
Meaning it can only be regular leg work for now. Rollins gets an
elbow up to slow things down and a running knee to the chest gets
two. Off to a headscissors hold by the champion followed by a
forearm to the face to keep Graves down. Rollins starts getting
fired up but Graves takes the knee out and puts on the 13th
Step….and here’s the Shield for the DQ at 4:43.
C. This was starting to get
good but how much can you do with just five minutes? They were in a
weird spot here as Graves was a heel coming in but had to play the
face here out of necessity. I’m thinking this is the end of this
pairing though as the Shield debut changed everything about Rollins,
so him fighting a heel doesn’t make a ton of sense. Still though,
decent match while it lasted.
sends some jobbers out to try to stop the Shield but they have no
luck. We get up to about eight guys in there and they still can’t
get Shield out of there. Bo Dallas gets stuck in there alone and
takes the Triple Bomb. Now in a good wrestling company, this is
where the top face of the company would come to the ring for a BIG
showdown. Thankfully NXT is a good wrestling company so here’s Big
E. Langston and the place goes nuts. Despite being up 3-1, the
Shield bails. Dusty makes Langston vs. Rollins next week for the
B-. As usual, NXT
continues to be the textbook example of what you can get from a
basic, by the book wrestling company. There’s nothing going on here
that is over the top or ridiculous or trying to swerve the fans, and
yet it’s the show I enjoy watching the most all week. The matches
are still fresh, although to be fair they only have an hour a week to
fill vs. WWE’s five plus. Anyway, good stuff here and I’m fired up
for next week’s showdown.
Dallas b. Epico – Spear
Snuka b. Sasha Banks – Superfly Splash
Kruger/Kassius Ohno b. Tyson Kidd/Justin Gabriel – Kruger End
Graves b. Seth Rollins via Dqq when the Shield interfered
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