Was there any reason why Crush didn't get the super-push? Looking back I find how he was booked odd – he was really over as a face, to the point where many suggest he should have been the one to slam Yokozuna and get the Luger-push. But they didn't seem to go anywhere with that. He didn't even get to beat Doink definitively. Then they turned him heel, but that seemed to be strictly for the Randy Savage feud because he really didn't do much of anything once that was over. He was a big guy who was very popular as a face and looked menacing as a heel – why didn't they give him a real push? 

He had the stink of Fuj the Stooge on him.  Pretty much anyone or anything associated with Fuji is gonna fail.  Yokozuna?  Dead.  Crush?  Dead.  Clearly, Fuji = NO BUYS.
Also, Crush was not a great worker and clearly had serious personal issues.  
But mostly because Fuji.