WWF Championship Wrestling June 16, 1984

June 16, 1984


host is Gene Okerlund. He runs down the show, which includes Tito Santana vs.
“Cowboy” Bob Orton, The Samoans in a 6-man tag match, the featured bout of B.
Brian Blair vs. “Dr. D” David Schultz and Cyndi Lauper on Piper’s Pit.


“Cowboy” Bob Orton vs. Tito Santana

This is a non-tile bout. Before
the match, Hulk Hogan is introduced to the crowd. The match starts with both
wreslters trying to feel things out. They do some matwork for a bit as Lord
Alfred Hayes, on commentary replacing Vince, gives Hogan a verbal blow job.
Orton doesn’t break cleanly and hammers on Tito. He covers and gets two after a
barrage of punches. Tito fights back but
Orton boots him in the face. Tito then charges but goes to the floor in a weird
looking spot as he just went by Orton in the corner. Orton tries to set up Tito
for the superplex but that gets stopped. Tito sends Orton to the floor with the
flying forearm but rolls out himself in a contrived looking spot and the match
ends in a double countout (5:34).


Not a lot of action here. This played out like the beginning of a long house
show match. I expected better between these two, honestly. I know they didn’t
have much time but some of this stuff looked a bit ridiculous. It didn’t feel like these two were on the same page.


WWF Update with Vince McMahon. The topic this week is the midget
wrestlers, who Vince describes as “colorful and entertaining” then tells us
that they are “good for a few belly laughs.” They show a clip from a tag match
a few months ago. More politically incorrect goodness from the 1980’s WWF.


for WWF Magazine airs.


Billy Travis vs. Jesse “The Body”

as usual, takes his time removing his earrings. He starts things off by shoving
Travis to the mat then poses for a bit. He overpowers Travis for a while before
chopping him down. He gets a slam and a leg drop, then goes to a chinlock as
Hayes is impressed that he could string together three moves in a row without
stopping to pose. Travis gets chopped down again then shoved to the floor.
Ventura beats on Travis for a while on the apron before bringing him back into
the ring and making him submit to the Body Breaker (5:44).


Long for a squash and the crowd really did not react much to the heel antics of
Ventura. Jesse was a lot better on commentary than he was in the ring, that’s for sure.


“Dr. D.” David Schultz vs. B. Brian

tosses out the “This could main event any arena…” line about this match.
Schultz reaches the ropes after getting backed up. They do some matwork and
Blair shows off his quickness. Schultz grabs a front facelock until Blair
escapes. He declines a handshake from Schultz and grabs a headlock. Schultz
hits Blair with a pair of backbreakers and puts on a neck vice. Blair escapes
from that and runs wild. He hits Schultz with an elbow smash from the second
rope. Schultz takes him down then gets an ugly looking rollup and holds onto
the ropes to score the pin (4:54). After the match, Schultz ducks out of the
ring as an angry Blair wants him to come back into the ring.


A Blair/Schultz feud is something no one wants to see and it is not because of Schultz. However, watching a
lower midcard worker like Blair get protected on TV is something you do not see
today as they job out the secondary title holders on a routine basis.


WWF Update with Vince McMahon. Hulk Hogan is the subject as we
see fans go nuts for him and Vince mentions how he has done various commercials
and met up with Brooke Shields at a charity event. They were putting over Hogan
as a national star with this segment.


is on the “Piper’s Pit” stage, which is empty. He tells us that Cyndi Lauper
will be on later in the show.


Paul Orndorff vs. Rudy Diamond

matched was taped a few months prior to the airing of this show. Vince is
commentary here. Paul jaws with the fans about the “Paula” chants. Diamond
leaves the ring and goes back to the locker room. When he comes back, he is
wearing a T-shirt that reads “Paula” on the front and back. Orndorff see this
and goes apeshit, chasing Diamond around. He finally catches up to him and
destroys him in the corner. He gets a back suplex and a clothesline before
hitting the piledriver. He doesn’t cover but instead rips of the “Paula” shirt before
hitting another piledriver. Diamond is convulsing on the mat and Orndorff
covers for the win (1:33). After the match, Okerlund interviews Orndorff, who
flips out and states that anyone who calls him Paula will get their ass kicked.
They bleeped out the word “ass” during that tirade. Orndorff then lists of Santana and
Hogan as people that he will beat with the piledriver.


Awesome segment. The “Paula” chants was such an easy way to get heat and it was a
great decision to have a jobber wear the shirt and get destroyed, so the fans
can chant at him during every show. A simple, yet effective way to elevate a


Piper’s Pit begins. Roddy welcomes Lauper, who in fact appears.
Piper says how they are both at the top of their professions and talks her up a
bit before mentioning Albano, stating how he brought her from nothing to the
top of the world. Lauper refutes that statement and Albano himself comes out.
Lauper asks if this was a joke as Albano tries to pressure her into saying that
he made her the start that she is today. After that doesn’t work, Albano yells
at Lauper, telling her to shut up, and that she is living off of his
reputation. Albano calls Lauper a “broad” and Lauper starts hitting him with
her purse. She hits Piper a few times and Dave Woolf comes out to hold her back
as the show goes off the air.
Final Thoughts: One of the most memorable episodes of Championship Wrestling. The Piper’s Pit segment as very well done and the Orndorff squash was awesome. They had some higher profile matches too and nothing was embarrasing. The following show is blocked on YouTube so I will have to skip ahead a week for the next review, unless I miracuolously find a copy of that somewhere.