Ted Dibiase 1992 Question

Hello Scott,

  I was reading your blog on Bret Hart rumored on going to WCW in 1992. I can swear I heard rumors back in the day (on the sheets and hotlines) that Ted was going to WCW around the same time Bret was rumored to be leaving.  With Ted’s booking at the Royal Rumble that year and also with them putting Sherri with Shawn at the time, it would seem Ted Dibiase was on his way out the WWF. But then out of the blue, Ted Dibiase teams with IRS and they win the belts from LOD. I always heard this was a last minute decision since LOD was rumored to be history with the WWF at that point.

Ted was still very much under contract at that time and definitely wasn't jumping.  In fact, he was getting an even bigger push than ever, with the first plan being a tag team with newly heel Shawn Michaels, and then of course IRS as champions.  It was a last minute decision in terms of the night they won it, but the plans were to get the belts off LOD and onto Dibiase/partner for a while before that, as LOD were bitching about the steroid testing that had been implemented (for obvious reasons) and clearly wanted out of the promotion ASAP.  The title change was a surprise to everyone when it happened, though, as I think Vince was paranoid about LOD disappearing with the belts and just wanted to get it off them the first chance he got.  Considering that Hawk basically went AWOL and joined the Hell's Angels later in the year, that might have been a wise decision on his part.