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Episode 184: Free Form Forum with Kevin Kelly

In this new jam packed, stacked episode of the PTB Podcast, Kevin Kelly joins Scott & Justin to open things up and have an open free form forum chat, including discussions on Florida wrestling, Crockett Promotions, the death of the territories, Kevin's beginnings in WWF, Ring of Honor, Wrestlemania XXIX, TNA, WCW, the future of wresting and MMA and so much more. Kevin adds his experience and insight into the business to really drive the discussion in this episode.

Oh, and in the midst of that, the boys are joined by a special surprise guest and the discourse briefly veers into some controversial waters before getting right back into pro wrestling.

Finally, they wrap up with a chat about the year that was in College Football.

Episode 185: Over the Edge 1998

In this new episode of the PTB Podcast Vintage Vault, Scott & Justin continue to roll on through 1998 with their review of Over the Edge. They chat about Rock, Faarooq, Legion of Doom, Dude Love, Vader, Owen Hart, Steve Austin and much, much more.

Coming this Week:

– 2012 Wrestling Year in Review w/ Graham Cawthon (

– A special surprise episode coming this weekend

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