HBK question


Happy New Years.  Quick question for the BoD…stuck working the New Year's Eve so decided to watch some Michael Lansberg WWE interviews. HHH mentions that Shawn Michaels asked to come back for Wrestlemania 17 and was told he wasn't wanted.  Can you shed some light on this?  Was he not medically cleared?  Still hated in the locker room?  This was at least 2 years before his full time comeback so the timing just seems odd.

Also, these Lansberg interviews are solid, do you know where I can watch more?  YouTube only had like 7 WWE ones, thought maybe you'd know being Canadian.  Thanks alot.  Rick

http://www.tsn.ca/otr, although I don't know about viewing restrictions outside of Canada.  

But yeah, Shawn tried to come back and get involved in the HHH-Undertaker match, which would have resulted in him screwing over HHH to set up their big feud.  But then he showed up wasted out of his mind and Vince told him he wouldn't be used anymore until he cleaned up.  So Shawn hit bottom, found Jesus, and hasn't touched drugs since.  People were seriously thinking that was gonna be it for Shawn at the time, like finding him dead floating in his pool ala Brian Jones, but he's the rare one who did escape that fate and I have nothing but respect for him doing that.