Answer me these questions three

1.  What exactly is a Nature Boy?

2.  What is the deal with all this blu-ray/dvd/digital combo pack bullshit?  I just want the fucking blu-ray.
3.  Why doesn't a heel champion enter himself in the Royal Rumble?  If he won, he wouldn't have to defend the title at Wrestlemania.  CM Punk, I'm looking at you.

1.  Well, someone who loves nature, of course.  There was a song by Nat King Cole in the 40s where I would assume that Buddy Rogers took the nickname from, although Rogers and Flair might have also been referencing the Bugs Bunny cartoon with the wrestler that Bugs refers to as Nature Boy as well.  I don't know if it has any specific connotations dealing with the blond muscle-man image that they're trying to portray.
2.  Hey, some of us have young kids who will sit quietly in the car if Cinderella is playing in the DVD player, but also would like to watch movies on Blu Ray at home.  
3.  I don't think the champion is allowed to do that.