Smackdown – December 28, 2012

December 28, 2012
Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, New York
John Bradshaw Layfield, Josh Matthews
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
close out the year here with a taped Smackdown, which is the norm
around here. Odds are this isn’t going to have anything of note on
it because we’re in that odd period between TKC and the Rumble. Also
after Monday it looks like we’re going to have more Sheamus vs. Big
Show, because they’ve only had three straight PPV matches. Let’s get
to it.

open with a recap of the latest stuff with Big Show vs. Sheamus,
complete with the voiceover. The AJ/Langston/Cena stuff is thrown in
Sheamus to open things up. He hopes we all had a Merry Christmas
because he had a great one. He drank gallons of egg nog flavored
ale, got a bunch of sweaters he’ll never use, and a bunch of
sunscreen from his mom. Are we going for ironic humor now? Anyway,
his New Year’s resolution is to win the title back, so get out here
Big Show.
the champ who wants to know if he looks like Santa Claus. The fans
and Sheamus say yes, but Show is fatter. Show makes fun of Sheamus’
bad humor and says no more title shots. He says the victory on
Monday meant nothing because Show wasn’t really trying. Show was in
Christmas mode and it wasn’t even for the title. Sheamus calls him a
coward and says Show’s pride was on the line on Monday and says he’s
here for the title. If he can’t get that though, he’ll have to
settle for a fight.
Booker before things get physical of course because that’s not how we
roll on Smackdown. So much for what Bradshaw says I guess. Booker
agrees with Show and says that Sheamus lost at TLC. He did however
win on Raw but Show doesn’t want to hear this. Show says no one in
the locker room is worthy of a shot at him because it reeks of
inferiority. Booker says Show is in action tonight and there’s going
to be a drawing to determine Show’s opponent.
drawing is right now as I guess the entire roster was waiting in line
behind the curtain. Teddy and Eve argue over who gets to spin the
tumbler because that story is still going for some reason. The
tumbler is knocked over to fill in more time. Santino wins the match
which I don’t think is for the title. They have a brief staredown
which results in non-comdy. Apparently it is for the title.
vs. Brodus Clay
if nothing else the girls give us something to look at before the
match. Epico offers a quick distraction which gives Primo his only
offense. Clay catches a cross body in a powerslam before headbutting
Primo down. Splash and we’re done at 1:13.
Funkadactyls beat up Rosa post match for no apparent reason. Dancing
is having a sandwich in the back with Sheamus but the pale one throws
said sandwich away. Sheamus is offering him some advice and Santino
asks to learn the Brogue Kick. Marella can’t get his foot above his
waist so Sheamus fires him up. Santino tries it again….and pulls
his hamstring, sending him to the floor in screaming pain.
NO/Kofi Kingston vs. Rhodes Scholars/Wade Barrett
would be the Christmas gift for those of you interested in stuff WAY
past its expiration date. Cody and Bryan start things off with
Rhodes actually taking him to the mat. Off to Kane instead who isn’t
as easy to take down. Kane misses a charge into the corner and it’s
off to Sandow instead. There’s a side slam to Damien for two and
it’s Kofi in off the tag. Not much to see so far. Cody comes back
in for about three seconds before it’s off to Barrett.
hits his jumping back elbow and puts on a front facelock. Everyone
gets in for a standoff and we take a break. Back with the Scholars
pounding on Bryan. There’s the Wind-Up Elbow followed by some knees
to the face and the big boot in the ropes from Barrett. We hit a
camel clutch for a bit before Cody comes in to a LOUD Cody Sucks
chant. Bryan escapes a chinlock and drills Rhodes to bring in Kofi.
Everything breaks down and everyone hits a mid level signature move.
Trouble in Paradise takes out Cody but Kofi walks into the Bull
Hammer for the pin at 7:05 shown of 10:05.
C+. This was fine from a
technical standpoint, but man why can’t WWE get this idea of once
someone is pinned clean, there’s no reason to continue a feud? Kofi
has beaten Barrett 100% clean on PPV, but they’re going to have
another match, presumably at the Rumble or on a special. Why in the
world should they fight again if we’ve already seen it happen? Well,
aside from the writers being lazy and incapable of coming up with
more than one idea for a guy every three months of course.
is injured and can’t fight tonight, so we draw another name for
Show’s match. The name will be announced later apparently, and by
later they mean after a break. It’s Ricardo Rodriguez. Show is very
pleased and makes fun of Ricardo by putting the title on his
shoulder. He makes Ricardo do the announcement that he (Ricardo) has
won the title, but Show knocks him cold instead. Booker promises
that Show is in trouble.
Ryder vs. Antonio Cesaro
again. Cesaro shoves him into the corner to start and suplexes him
down for two. We hit a quick chinlock as the fans chant USA. Cesaro
cranks on the arm and hits the gutwrench suplex for two. A big
double stomp gets another two and we hit a body vice. Ryder fights
up and hits a missile dropkick but the Broski Boot misses. The
European Uppercut and the Neutralizer end this at 3:28.
D. This was exactly the same
Cesaro vs. Ryder match we’ve seen half a dozen times now. Why would
I want to watch this again? This is another of WWE’s problems that I
keep harping on: they have a HUGE roster yet they use the same
matches over and over again. Was there no one else in the back that
can’t be used here? Geez at this point they might as well bring in
jobbers. It’s not like anybody buys Ryder as a threat to win this
match anyway, especially with Khali getting a shot at the title on
recap the MizTV segment from Raw.
Ziggler vs. The Miz
not usually one to notice fake pops, but there is no way Miz is
getting that kind of a reaction. During the entrances, we see MORE
from MizTV. For those of you with a REALLY short attention span I
guess. Well to be fair no one watched Raw on Monday anyway so it’s
not the worst idea. AJ continues to look great in the Ziggler shirt
and shorts.
takes over to start with a headlock as JBL lists off Langston’s power
lifting records. Josh runs his mouth so JBL threatens to smack him
every time Matthews says something stupid. JBL: “I would do it but
I’d hit you so often it would sound like applause.” Miz hits a
flapjack and throws Ziggler to the floor, but Langston catches him in
mid air. Back in and Ziggler takes over, getting two off the jumping
elbow drop.
hit the chinlock for a bit until Miz comes back with some ground and
pound. We take a break and come back with Ziggler getting another
two off another elbow drop. Dolph hooks another chinlock as we
repeat the same sequence from before the break for no apparent
reason. Miz comes back with some clotheslines and avoids the
Fameasser. There’s the corner clothesline followed by the top rope
ax handle, but a Big E. distraction lets Ziggler hit the Zig Zag for
the pin at 7:50 shown of 11:20.
C. Miz still isn’t over as a
face but having him face heels is going to help him a bit. It’s
certainly going to do more for him than being an annoying talk show
host. I’m a Miz fan but this turn isn’t working for him. The
biggest issue for him is he never really had a moment where he
turned. He just kind of started to fight heels and that doesn’t work
too well. The match was perfectly fine.
makes fun of AJ post match and implies she’s a whore. Ziggler runs
in and takes a mic to the head but Langston runs Miz over.
is out of the title shot tonight. Brad Maddox comes in and wants one
more shot. For no apparent reason, Booker gives him ONE MORE shot.
So Maddox is Christan from last year now? Brad leaves and Alberto
says he wants a shot at Big Show for what he did, so Booker gives him
the title shot tonight. So is Alberto face again after being a heel
on Raw after being a face for weeks after being a heel for years?
Maddox vs. Sheamus
what you would expect with the only entertaining part being JBL’s
response to Josh asking what percentage JBL gives Maddox in this.
“About the same as you becoming a good announcer.” The Brogue
Kick ends this at 3:54.
D+. Boring match, HILARIOUS
commentary. Maddox needs to change things up now because you can
only do this so many times. It doesn’t help that he has nothing
going for him at all. Nothing to see here, just like the case for
every other Brad Maddox match he’s ever had in any organization.
ReBound is the Santa story along with the main event. I love people
that say this insults their intelligence. They’re watching WWE and
THIS is what insults their intelligence?
Time Players vs. Usos
Players have new music which isn’t as catchy. Young and Jey start
things off and Darren gets double teamed a bit. Titus makes a blind
tag and kicks Jey in the head to take over. There’s some heel
miscommunication but Young hits the gutbuster for two on Jey anyway.
The twins switch allowing Jimmy to roll up Young for the pin at 2:07.
hear from the Shield again where they recap everything they’ve done
over the year. They promise more next year.
Show doesn’t think much of Alberto.
World Title: Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio
Rio gets an even bigger fake pop than Miz from earlier. After some
big match intros (it’s so odd hearing Alberto’s entrance in English),
Del Rio pounds away to start and blocks the chop in the corner. The
second attempt isn’t blocked though and down goes Alberto. Show
takes him to the mat with a headlock takeover and cranks away on the
throws Alberto to the outside and sends him into the steps before
hooking an armbar back inside. Alberto comes back with a kick to the
head and some shots to the arm but the armbreaker is broken up by a
shove to the floor. Show tries to leave but Sheamus jumps him in the
aisle for the DQ at 5:21.
C-. They kept this short here
and that was definitely the right idea. This was a styles clash
because Del Rio only has one move that could win here and Show is too
big to get it on. Having Del Rio stand up against a bully is the
best idea to make him a face that could be used aside from using his
money for something good. Not a bad match, but it would have been
with more time.
walks away but runs into about half the roster (including heels) who
beat him back into the ring for an enziguri from Del Rio and a Brogue
Kick from Sheamus.
C-. This wasn’t
terrible but it certainly wasn’t good. It did a good job of pushing
Del Rio as a face…..which makes almost no sense given what happened
on raw but to be fair that was four days ago so we’re not supposed to
remember it. The Rumble build will likely begin next week, but most
of that show is going to be based around the Rock anyway so it’s
interesting to see where the Rumble will rate in importance in the
month before the show.
Clay b. Primo – Splash
Barrett/Rhodes Scholars b. HELL NO/Kofi Kingston – Bull Hammer to
Cesaro b. Zack Ryder – Neutralizer
Ziggler b. The Miz – Zig Zag
b. Brad Maddox – Brogue Kick
b. Prime Time Players – Small package to Young
Show b. Alberto Del Rio via DQ when Sheamus interfered
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