NXT – December 26, 2012

December 26, 2012
Tony Dawson
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
to Florida and we’ve got a new challenger for Rollins in the form of
Corey Graves. That’s by far the biggest thing that happened last
week as the main event was Big Show squashing Bo Dallas for no
apparent reason. The shows have been solid lately and hopefully they
close out 2012 with another good one. Let’s get to it.

Home…..to a year in review show. Apparently this is going to be
highlights from the season, so I’ll be cutting and pasting a lot
here. Note that the full matches likely won’t be shown but I’ll be
posting the full review from the match.
August 29:
Championship: Jinder Mahal vs. Seth Rollins
have a ton of time for this. Fink may be fat and older now (he’s
only 62 so he’s hardly ancient), but that voice is still perfect.
Mahal won’t shake Dusty’s hand before the match. Rollins tries to
take him to the mat to start but Mahal gets back up quickly. A
dropkick puts Mahal down again and Rollins hits a hard chop. Mahal
gets sent to the floor but he avoids a dive and sends Rollins face
first into the apron. A suplex onto the ramp has Rollins in trouble
and we head back in.
take a break and come back with Rollins in even more trouble. Mahal
stomps him down and hits a backbreaker to start setting up the camel
clutch. Rollins gets choked against the ropes and the fans are
behind Rollins now. He tries a comeback but gets kneed in the face
by Mahal to take him back down. The camel clutch is escaped so Mahal
pounds him in the back again. An enziguri out of nowhere puts Mahal
down and Rollins punches Jinder down.
goes up for another knee but Rollins knocks him off the top and out
to the floor. Rollins hits a HUGE dive to the floor and both guys
are down. Back in and Seth goes up again, only to get crotched and
superplexed from the top. We take another break and come back with
the two of them slugging it out. Mahal might have a bad knee but he
pulls off a sitout slam for two. A full nelson slam is countered and
Rollins goes to the apron.
hits an enziguri to the head and a running knee for two. The near
falls are getting closer and closer here. A running forearm in the
corner staggers Mahal but he manages to drop Rollins face first into
the buckle. The low superkick (I think he calls it Avada Kadavra,
making Rollins awesome) gets two. Phoenix Splash (moonsault into a
450) misses and Mahal hits the full nelson slam for two. Rollins
gets to the rope before the clutch can go on and Rollins rolls him up
for two. Rollins comes back with the buckle bomb and the Blackout
out of nowhere for the pin and the title at 14:24 shown of 21:24.
B. I’m still not wild on Rollins’ in ring work but the fans are
into him and he’s not dull. He also needs a new finisher as the
Blackout looks pretty forced to put it mildly. As for the match
though, they did a great job of building both guys up as unbeatable
and then having them go at it. The match was very good as far as
making you wonder who was going to win and it turned into a good back
and forth fight at the end. Not a masterpiece or anything, but for
the first NXT Championship, this was more than acceptable.
get some clips of the rematch. This segues into clips from Raw of
the Shield.
get some highlights of various stars from NXT, such as Richie
Steamboat, Bo Dallas, CJ Parker, Audrey Marie, Big E. Langston and
Bray Wyatt (gets by far the most time).
July 11:
English vs. Bray Wyatt
talks on the way to the ring, calling himself the angel in the dirt
and singing Time is on My Side by the Rolling Stones. Wyatt pounds
him down and sends English to the floor and into the barricade. Back
in and Wyatt rolls around on the apron before splashing English in
the corner. Wyatt dances with English a bit (literally) before
hitting a rolling Downward Spiral for the pin at 1:48. Awesome debut
here and a good transition from promos to in ring work which was what
I was worried about from Wyatt.
Wyatt talks about how it’s a new year for your loved ones to betray
you in his name.
get an exclusive match tonight between Kane and Rhodes.
on Kassius Ohno. I still don’t care. He talks about inflicting pain
on people and we get a recap of his attacks on various people with
Regal making the save.
says a new year is coming and that the year of 13 will be a year for
talks about telling Rollins to beat respect out of people and somehow
that evolved into the Shield. The future is here in NXT and he hopes
people are taking notice.
on Langston and the FIVE count.
November 28:
vs. Big E. Langston
is a match for the $5000 bounty that Vickie has put on Langston’s
head. Camacho tries to pound on him but Langston keeps shoving him
away. A shot out of the corner puts Big E. down but Camacho slaps
him like an idiot. The Big Ending (falling slam) ends Camacho at
demands the five count and you don’t tell a man like that no.
Camacho gets two more Big Endings for good measure.
get a clip of Langston debuting on Raw. Ok, now the question is are
they going to reference this on NXT starting next week? They’re
making it clear what’s going on in the main world, so they can’t (and
by can’t I mean will but shouldn’t) ignore it from now on.
says he attacked Cena because he was helping his friend. His
business here on NXT is to become NXT Champion. His New Year’s
Resolution is to do just that. Unfortunately his manic style is gone
now and he sounds all serious.
on various people in NXT that we haven’t covered yet, including
Kruger and Paige.
Rollins defending against Graves next week.
get a clip from Main Event of Kane injuring Cody’s shoulder.
vs. Cody Rhodes
is from July but it’s never before seen. Cody immediately bails to
the floor and stalls. Back in and Cody pounds away in the corner,
only to be pounded right back down. Kane hits the low dropkick for
two and Cody heads to the floor. Rhodes gets beaten up on the stage
and aisle before we head back to the ring. Kane misses the
clothesline and Cody escapes the chokeslam before sending Kane into
the corner.
goes after the knee as we get into a more standard match here. We
take a break (complete with a John Cena loves NXT promo) and come
back with the announcers talking about a HUGE leap from Cody. We
don’t get to see it of course, but here’s a sidewalk slam from Kane
for two instead. The top rope clothesline hits but Cody grabs the
rope to avoid a chokeslam. There’s the Disaster Kick for two but
Cross Rhodes is countered into a chokeslam for the pin at 7:00 shown.
D+. This was pretty lame.
Neither team was formed yet so there’s only so much to care about
from these guys. Cody had a pretty awful year after showing amazing
potential in 2011 while Kane resurrected his career for about the
time with the comedy team. This match didn’t show much of either
though and it was a dull match as a result.
is talking about the upcoming year when Shield cuts into the feed.
Rollins talks about being NXT Champion for months but never getting
the call from WWE. Ambrose talks about how the WWE is ill and
suffering from lies and corruption. The real world has enough
injustice in it already and that’s not how WWE is supposed to be.
Rollins understands why Corey Graves did what he did but next time,
Graves is leaving on a stretcher. Ambrose says they’re the best.
Reigns gets in a great line of “NXT is our house and while we may
come and go as we please, we’ll always collect the rent.” The
Shield is here next week.
B+. What a great show.
This was designed to recap everything that happened in NXT so far and
I don’t think they missed a thing. Everyone got at least a soundbyte
or a video about them and we got some matches on top of it. The
feature match holds this back because it’s just not that good, but
it’s nice to see them acknowledging what’s going on at Raw and
hopefully incorporating that into NXT. Good stuff here that reminded
me what I love about NXT.
b. Cody Rhodes – Chokeslam
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