Vince: The Movie!

A couple of Vince questions for ya…

1) I remember reading an old Raw review of yours where you covered Vince interviewing Brian Pillman's clearly hysterical wife on live TV the night after he died… And how Vince kept nudging her to publicly declare that Pillman has had previous heart conditions to make it clear that Pillman wasn't taking anything at the time of his death, all to take the heat off of himself. Which was obviously a sickeningly scumbag move. A lot of people probably don't remember this incident… Which brings me to my question: What are some of the lesser known acts of villainy Vince has committed over the years?

2) When do you think we'll ever get to see a Vince McMahon (auto)biography and under what circumstances (and authorship)? Vince has to know this would have huge mass-market appeal (even outside of wrestling fans, likely) so the thought must have crossed someone's mind. And if not the McMahon family, do you think any other WWE affiliate or Vince confidant might eventually come out with an honest to god tell-all book about his life (as opposed to the distorted, self-congratulatory fluff piece I'm sure anyone involved with WWE would release)? 


1)  By his own admission he had sex with a LOT of Divas over the years.  In his Playboy interview he pretty much said he'd been unfaithful to Linda for the entirety of their marriage, and there's been stories about women getting fired for not agreeing to perform various sex acts on him.   
2)  Closest one I've read is Sex Lies and Headlocks, which paints him in a REALLY negative light, but generally people who are impartial enough to write that sort of a book can't get close enough to him to do so.  I think we'll get the WWEized Saint Vince version after he dies, but nothing else.