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So I'm back from my Christmas holiday, and only Jack Klugman and Peter Parker died!  So I consider that a win.  

Who are the 2 biggest names that worked for the same company at the same time, but for whatever reason, never had any interaction at all. Whether they were injured at different times, in completely different programs, or what have you. The first pairing that comes to mind is Savage/Goldberg. Savage left in the summer of 98 as Goldberg's main event push really took off. When he came back in late spring '99, Goldberg left for the summer himself. Savage was pretty much gone after October and they never had any interaction whatsoever. 

Wasn't Savage one of the guys who did a quickie job for Goldberg during his big reign?  Am I crazy?  
Rude and Hogan never had any interaction outside of one match in like 1987 when Rude came in, and that could have been a big program.  Warrior didn't interact with anyone but Hogan when he was in WCW, more or less, and could have done something GIANT with Goldberg if handled right.  Or Giant-Warrior could have been something, too, come to think of it.