The Shield


Smarks tend to have all sorts of retro-booking and woulda/coulda/shoulda ideas for angles after the fact.  With the Shield a hot angle right now and coming off the team being booked strong at TLC, what do you think is a good direction to go in?  Should they start recruiting new members?  Should they be working for someone after all?  Win some titles?  Allign with Punk/Brock/Heyman?  In the Blogosphere, we pan stuff like Aces & Eights after it loses steam and we rebook every angle in the history of the business, but I'd be interested to hear the BoDs thoughts, and yours, on what could be some interesting ideas for moving forward with a hot angle like The Shield.  Thanks.

1)  Put the tag titles on Rollins & Ambrose RIGHT MEOW.  Kane & Bryan was a rare case of pulling the trigger at exactly the right time but they've run their course as champions, and they need to switch the belts to the Shield ASAP and let them do the Freebird thing with them.

2)  I would have them f--- over the Rock's title match (because of the injustice of Rock getting an unearned title shot) and seemingly reveal their allegiance to CM Punk, but that's just me.  Just by interacting with Rock they'd immediately jump another 15 notches up the ladder.  Then you do Shield v. Rock & Cena for the tag titles at Elimination Chamber and that's where THE MEGAPOWERS EXPLODE to set up the Wrestlemania rematch.  Honestly, I'm liking the Punk's title reign v. Undertaker's streak idea at Wrestlemania more and more and I think they should just go with that instead of giving it to Rock.  I know Rock really wants one last run with the belt, but he doesn't need it and GOD KNOWS Cena doesn't need it and their match certainly won't need it.  For the Punk-Taker match, I think I'd have the Shield turn on Punk because of the injustice of Lawler's heart attack, which would then end his epic title reign at 500 some days.  If Ziggler still has the briefcase by then he could even cash it in at Wrestlemania to get it off Undertaker (shut up, nerds, I don't care about the technicalities involved with the briefcase, they can have Vince wave his magic wand and make it for the WWE title too) Then Punk can be the babyface chasing the belt again and keep the Shield guys in the main event mix by feuding with him.