NXT – December 19, 2012

December 19, 2012
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
William Regal, Tony Dawson
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
into the new cycle of NXT now, but the problem continues to be the
gap between the current WWE product and the current NXT product.
It’s a bit off putting to have the Shield version of Rollins on Raw
and this version of him on NXT. It looks like we’re moving towards
Rollins vs. Graves in the main event scene around here. Oh and Big
Show vs. Bo Dallas is tonight. Let’s get to it.

opening video is all about Dallas vs. Big Show.
vs. Usos
starts with Primo and we quickly hit the mat. There’s an armdrag to
put Primo down but Primo comes back with a hammerlock. Primo rolls
away from an arm hold by Jimmy and we’ve got a standoff. Rosa gives
Primo a quick kiss which earns him an elbow to the face. Back to the
armbar and here’s Jey for the first time. Epico comes in as well and
immediately puts on a chinlock which doesn’t last long either. This
is a back and forth match so far but no one has any kind of long term
Usos load up the Superfly Splash but Primo bails to the floor for a
breather. Jey is all cool with that and hits a HUGE dive to take out
the cousins. We take a break and come back with Epico holding a
chinlock on Jey. Epico rolls some belly to back suplexes for two.
Primo gets the same off a dropkick as the fans want Carlito. Jey
avoids a dropkick in the corner and gets Primo caught in the Tree of
Woe for a few seconds.
tag brings in Jimmy but the referee didn’t see it. Nice touch. Jey
counters a whip into the corner and hits a big backdrop to give
himself a breather. There’s the real hot tag to Jimmy and a Bubba
Bomb takes Primo down. The running Umaga attack in the corner sets
up a Samoan Drop for two. Everything breaks down and a Jimmy
superkick sets up the Superfly Splash to Epico for the pin at 8:28
shown of 11:58.
C+. They stuck with the formula
here and it worked really well. The Usos are so talented and smooth
together out there but they can barely ever get on TV. The few times
recently where they were on television, they got the biggest
reactions of the match. Interesting how that works. Anyway, good
stuff here and a nice opener.
match the lights go out and it’s Ascension (complete with recently
released Kenneth Cameron) on the screen, telling the Usos that the
war is far from over.
English vs. Big E. Langston
can pick anyone to fight Langston with him and he picks this jobber?
English has to start and is immediately pounded down by knees in the
ribs and a running clothesline. Langston drags English over to
Camacho and extends English’s hand for a tag but Camacho bails. Big
Ending ends English at 1:12.
match there’s another Big Ending and the FIVE, then does both of them
again. The reactions for the FIVE thing are tremendous.
Watson vs. Kassius Ohno
speeds things up to start and pounds on Ohno’s back to start. Ohno
comes back with a suplex and a corner splash followed by some high
energy stomps/knees to the head. Off to a dragon sleeper by Kassius
followed by some choking on the top rope. They chop it out a bit but
Ohno charges into an elbow to the face. Percy makes his comeback but
the Persecution is blocked. Ohno Blade (or whatever he’s calling
that elbow now) knocks Watson out cold at 5:23.
D. I am so bored with Ohno.
The guy is talented but he’s got NOTHING going for him at all. He’s
a bad guy who likes to strike people, but his attitude is all wrong
for it. There’s nothing to dislike about him and that makes him a
weak heel. He’s just kind of there and has his time every week.
Watson continues to be nothing.
shouts at Regal post match.
Seth Rollins for a chat with JR. Seth says he’s here for anyone that
wants to fight him and he’s not hard to find. Corey Graves jumps
Rollins from behind and puts him in the 13th
Step leg lock. Graves talks about how his tattoos all tell a story
and now he wants the Title. He says Rollins feeds off the fans and
he’ll see Seth in hell. Not bad here but calling himself the Savior
of Misbehavior isn’t going to get him over.
tells us to watch the NXT Year In Review show next week.
Dallas vs. Big Show
I’d assume. This is about what you would expect to start: Dallas
goes nuts with strikes and is easily shoved away. The beating goes
on for awhile until Dallas gets on his back and chokes away. Show
falls back on him to break the hold but misses an elbow. Dallas
escapes the chokeslam but a bulldog is countered with a basic slam.
WMD ends this at 4:53.
D. What in the world were you
expecting here? It’s a tiny minor league guy against a massive world
champion. I have no idea why they picked Show here because it
doesn’t do Dallas any good and the match sucked as a result. I don’t
get this one at all, as there are a ton of guys you could bring in to
beat Dallas but get a better match out of him at the same time. Odd
choice here.
C. This didn’t work all
that well for me. It wasn’t a bad show or anything, but this didn’t
really advance anything. The only storyline stuff we got was
Ascension vs. Usos which we’ve done before and Ohno staring at Regal.
Oh and Graves vs. Rollins, but we already knew that was coming. Not
much to see here but it wasn’t terrible or anything.
b. Epico/Primo – Superfly Splash to Epico
E. Langston b. Camacho/Aiden English – Big Ending to English
Ohno b. Percy Watson – Ohno Blade
Show b. Bo Dallas – WMD
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