Abraham Lincoln talk and question for the blog


Big fan ever since you first ranted on Lincoln being crowned NWA Champion. I thought your **** rating was a bit high, as Lincoln could have employed more psychology, but a fan nonetheless. Anyway, as a long time fan, I have a quick question and favor to ask of you and the BoDers.

1. With Linda's second consecutive loss in her best 2 out of 3 falls Senate bid, do you think we'll see any real, actual change in the WWE product going forward? Obviously we'll never return to the bawdy days of the Attitude Era, but is it possible we'll see a less politically correct, sanitized RAW?

2. I'm currently writing my final paper for my College Course on Video Games Studies (yes, that's a thing) and my chosen topic is "The History of Pro Wrestling Video Games." You or any of the BoDers have any idea where I can find solid info on this, outside of the fine work from the boys at Joe vs. The World?

Lincoln was never NWA champion, the first champion was crowned in 1906 when Karl Gotch double-crossed Dennis Corraluzzo by throwing down the American Collar-And-Elbow Brass Knuckles title after a shoot with Lou Thesz and crowned himself first ever NWA World champion.  And then Paul Heyman's check bounced.

1.  "Ass" has started to work its way back into the product again, but honestly I don't ever need to see bloodbath matches and crazy table bumps and stuff every week.   Using them exceedingly sparingly makes stuff like the Shield six-man all the more special.  

2.  Nope.