A question and an idea…

Firstly using your archives I've been putting together best of lists, like best of COTC, Starrcade etc, basically watching anything you rated ***1/2 or higher. So thank you for providing so many awesome reviews over the years. I trust you more than Meltzer and a lot of others when it comes to star reviews. But I was thinking of putting together a best of WCW Saturday Night compilation and was looking for some ideas as far as badass matches from that show! Do you have any recommendations or perhaps could you do an article on SN because there's a super rich history in regards to that show.

Also wouldn't it be awesome if WWE put out a best of SN dvd? I mean between WCW and NWA there has to be a couple of decades worth of shows if I'm not mistaken? Anyways man thanks for being, from what I can tell, the only entertaining wrestling reviewer on the web for a LONG ass time!

Sadly I didn't get TBS until 1991 so I didn't get to catch up on the 80s stuff until I got 24/7, so really my exposure was only in the early 90s.  Obviously the show was mostly ignored by WCW once the Nitro era began, so it gives kind of a limited timeframe of great stuff to draw from.  Off the top of my head, you've got things like Steve Austin v. Barry Windham 2/3 falls from the debut of the repackaged WCW Saturday night, Austin v. Steamboat in the TV title change, Vader v. Jack in the infamous powerbomb on the concrete, Brad Armstrong v. Great Muta, and probably others than I'm totally zoning on at the moment.  If you're including the 80s version you can throw in a ton of awesome Midnight Express squashes, Steamboat & Eddie Gilbert v. Barry Windham & Ric Flair, Magnum TA v. Ole Anderson,and tons more.  I think a DVD would totally be do-able.