Blurred signs& rhetorical questions

Hi Scott,

I'm watching the "Triple H- The King of Kings: There is Only One" DVD. During the second match (Marc Mero vs. HHH) there is a HUGE sign that says "Hump his face Goldust".  While this may be the funniest sign I have ever seen it leads me to two questions:
1) With all the rampant blurring they've had to do, and given the PG-era of the last many years, wouldn't it make sense to blur potentially offensive signs?
2) This was back in the day when very few people brought signs to matches so it was easy to read them, compared to the Attitude era where it seemed like everyone had one. Are there any that stick out in your mind as being memorably funny? (I always enjoyed Anti-WCW signs at Nitro that would say "I'd rather be watching RAW)

Well my personal favorite was the "What's Kayfabe?" sign I made for my roommate to carry around to the Canadian Stampede PPV, since I wasn't able to attend and wanted to make my mark somehow.  I remember D-X doing some really funny signs while sitting on the stage one week, like "Who booked this crap?" and "I'd rather be in Chyna".  The second one ended up getting brought by fans more often than not. I'm sure the blog can think of other funny signs, because I tend to tune them out unless they're related to me. 

I've never really seen them blur for offensive material unless it's outright swearing, actually.