Smackdown – December 14, 2012

December 14, 2012
Webster Bank Arena, Bridgeport, Connecticut
John Bradshaw Layfield, Josh Matthews
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the final show before TLC and most of the show is set. We’ve got Big
Show vs. Sheamus not being able to fight each other (despite having
dark matches at these TV tapings) until their chairs match on Sunday.
We’ve also got the potential of the Shield attacking again which
should be interesting for the most part. Other than that it’s likely
to be another dull show. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of the end of Raw with the massive brawl between
Shield, HELL NO, Ryback, Cena, Show, Sheamus and Ziggler. We also
cover the major feuds going into Sunday.
Show vs. R-Truth
and Cesaro are both on commentary. Show pounds away on him to start
and beats him into the corner with a shot to the ribs. We head to
the floor where Truth gets beaten up even more, including being
bounced off the ropes to crash onto the floor. Cesaro looks to
interfere but Sheamus shoves him back into his chair. After Show
yells at Sheamus a bit, Truth FINALLY gets his feet up in the corner
and chokes Show a bit. Show misses an elbow and Truth hits the ax
kick for two. The Little Jimmy is countered and the WMD gets the pin
for Show at 4:44.
D. Nice to see a guy that is
treated as someone who doesn’t have much of a chance to win the title
on Sunday getting destroyed here on Smackdown. Truth got in like two
kicks and that’s the extent of his offense here. In other words, the
#1 contender to the US Title is being treated like a jobber. Why is
anyone surprised the midcard titles mean nothing?
gets in Sheamus’ face post match and Cesaro jumps Sheamus from
behind, sending him into Show. Show laughs and shouts that Sheamus
touched him so the match is off.
break Show tries to talk Booker into calling off the match because of
Sheamus hitting him. Booker says that it was because of Cesaro so
the match is still on. What an excessively pointless segment.
Damien Sandow (with what sounds like new music) to search for an
apprentice. Instead of looking tonight though, he brings out Cody
for their match. Cody’s mustache gets another chant which is at
least a reaction for him. Cody starts to talk about Miz but the
Usos’ music cuts him off.
Scholars vs. Usos
is joined in progress after a break with Jimmy hitting a clothesline
on Cody. Off to Jey who gets distracted by Sandow, allowing Cody to
crank on the arm. Sandow comes in and drops a knee for two. We hear
about Sandow graduating from high school at 12 and being
valedictorian. The Wind-Up Elbow gets two and here’s Cody again.
After a release from suplex, Rhodes hooks a seated full nelson.
talks about how Cody’s mustache looks (JBL: “He looks like a bowed
up Freddie Mercury.” Josh: “I’ll have to Google him later.”)
until it’s a hot tag to Jimmy who cleans house. Jimmy loads up the
splash but Cody crawls over to Sandow for the tag. Everything breaks
down and Sandow rolls up Jimmy for the pin with a handful of tights
at 3:52.
C-. JBL’s mustache lines made
this match better but it was fine in its own right. This was about
giving the Scholars momentum going into Sunday and it did that well
enough. The one thing I really liked here was Josh mentioning
Sandow’s background. Making up stuff about characters is a great way
to push them forward, yet for some reason it’s been decided that such
an idea is evil. I’d love to see it make a comeback.
talks to Otunga about the no contact clause.
are Show and Otunga in the ring for another legal issue because we
haven’t had one of those angles in a few months. David talks about
how Booker is clearly biased and they’re going to the Board of
Directors. Otunga is going to demand that the chairs match be called
off and that Booker be thrown out as GM. Booker comes out and says
that the match is still going to happen, but Otunga says that just
because Booker was in prison it doesn’t make him a legal expert.
Also they’re going to get Sheamus fired too.
Sheamus with a chair and a microphone. He says if there’s no match,
there’s nothing stopping him from beating up Show right now. Show,
the ferocious monster, says the contract is still valid and the match
is still on. You know, because THE BIG SHOW has to be a coward heel
as well. Brogue Kick lays out Otunga.
get a clip of Orton destroying Brad Maddox two weeks ago. They might
as well show the whole match as it wasn’t even 90 seconds long. This
led to the Shield attacking Orton
come back from a break to see Orton being destroyed by the Shield
after apparently putting him through a table. I believe he has a
wrist injury so there’s his exit off TV. Orton is injured. Imagine
vs. Aksana
hits a knee to the ribs and hooks a headlock to take over on the mat.
Kaitlyn fights up and flips Aksana forward but can’t break the hold.
Some forearms get two for Aksana and it’s off to a chinlock. Josh
keeps asking why the Shield would do that to Orton, causing JBL to go
into a hilarious rant against Josh, telling him to take his spiky
hair and go ask them.
to the chinlock by Aksana which can’t even be broken by a side slam.
This match has been going on for three and a half minutes and Aksana
has had a head/chinlock on for about three minutes out of that.
Kaitlyn comes back with forearms and a beal to set up a gutbuster for
the pin at 4:18.
D-. This had to be a rib right?
Aksana was basically no selling everything that Kaitlyn did to her
by not letting go of that hold, which doesn’t really do any good for
anyone here. The Divas are somehow getting worse over time, which
completely boggles my mind. Aksana may very well be the worst in
ring working chick I’ve ever seen. Let that sink in for a bit.
has a separated shoulder and might have a concussion.
MizTV with special guests HELL NO. Bryan says that he doesn’t want
to talk about how he’s feeling, because it’s time to unleash all of
the anger that he apparently has in him. He’ll do that on Sunday
with tables, ladders and chairs. When the Shield is begging for
mercy, Bryan is going to tell them NO. Kane talks about looking
forward to using everything they can on Sunday and Bryan says YES
they will.
champions are cut off by another Joker style promo from the Shield,
who say you can ask Randy Orton what happens when you mess with the
Shield. They say Bryan can’t hide behind Kane and that the sword of
justice will be served. Kane says why wait until Sunday and Shield
says they agree. Miz is gone as Kane and Bryan look for the Shield.
They’re in a sky box and slowly come down, but cue Ryback before
Shield can make it to the ring. Shield turns and walks away.
Khali/Hornswoggle/Tyson Kidd/Justin Gabriel vs. Epico/Primo/Prime
Time Players
vs. Khali to start things off with Khali chopping him down quickly.
Young gets a chop as well before it’s off to Horny for some comedy
spots on O’Neal. Young comes in to try to take over on Horny as Josh
doesn’t know who Harpo Marx is. Tyson comes in but is almost
immediately stomped down. Primo gets in some shots before it’s off
to Epico who gets two off a slingshot elbow. Natalya and Rosa get in
a fight on the floor as Primo gets two off a dropkick. In a cool
ending, Tyson tries a sunset flip but Primo falls on top in a cover,
but Kidd rolls backwards into a sunset flip for the pin at 3:19.
D+. I really would love it if
Kidd and Gabriel could do something other than fill in spots in a
stupid tag match like this. Khali and Horny are your usual opposites
tag team who do nothing new but are there for the kids and the heels
are all relatively entertaining. For some reason this is the best
spot that Kidd and Gabriel can get. Welcome to modern day WWE.
match Horny dives on Titus and has to be saved by Kidd and Gabriel.
Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio
Rio takes him into the corner to start as JBL talks about how awesome
his Spanish is now. Kofi speeds things up and does his double
leapfrogs before hooking an armbar. Del Rio takes it to the mat to
take over before missing a charge in the corner. Ten punches in the
corner stagger Del Rio and a European uppercut gets two for Kingston.
Alberto works on the back and arm for a bit before Kofi climbs the
corner and hits a top rope chop. The Mexican is sent to the floor
and Kofi hits a big dive to take him out. Del Rio shoves him into
the post on the apron as we take a break.
with Del Rio putting on a reverse chinlock which doesn’t last that
long. Almost none of the spots or holds in this match are lasting
long at all. Kofi tries to speed things up but walks into a
tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Alberto loads up Trouble in
Paradise (you read that right) but Kofi sends him into the corner
instead. Del Rio does the exact same thing to take over again before
hitting the running enziguri for two. Back to the reverse chinlock
for a few moments, followed by a belly to back suplex for two on
Kofi. Out of nowhere, Kofi escapes another belly to back into a
rollup for the pin at 8:37 shown of 12:07.
D+. Alberto Del Rio is very
uninteresting. He’s long since reached one of the worst points you
can reach in wrestling: he’s just there. There’s nothing going on
with him but he keeps appearing on TV to remind you that he does in
fact still exist. I’ve heard rumors of turning him face, but unless
they give him a character, nothing is going to come from it.
goes to the ramp and ducks a charging Barrett before kicking him in
the face.
Raw ReBound is Ziggler’s promo from the opening of the show, the
interaction with Show vs. Sheamus, AND most of the match with Ziggler
vs. Sheamus. I’m very curious if they aired the whole thing on the
regular broadcast as the international broadcast that I watch is
often changed. Upon watching the regular version, it is indeed
different. Instead of the match, it’s a LONG recap of the entire
Cena vs. Ziggler buildup. That’s rather interesting.
run down the PPV card.
we look at the Sheamus/Show/Otunga segment from earlier.
is in the back with Show and says stay calm but don’t take Cesaro
lightly. Sheamus says he’ll lay Show out on Sunday with chair shot
after chair shot.
vs. Antonio Cesaro
rams into him to start, knocking Sheamus down. Sheamus does the
exact same thing and it’s a standoff. Apparently Orton doesn’t have
a concussion. Sheamus hits a shoulder in the corner and a running
knee lift for two. Antonio tries to jump over Sheamus out of the
corner but gets caught in a Regal Roll for two instead. Sheamus gets
sent to the floor but gets caught with a knee coming back in.
to a kind of chinlock by Antonio, followed by a European uppercut to
the back of Sheamus’ head for two. The gutwrench suplex gets the
same in an impressive display of strength. They slug it out with
Sheamus taking over, including a top rope shoulder for no cover.
There are the ten forearms in the ropes….and here’s Big Show on the
stage with an injured Regal in front of him. Sheamus goes to get him
but Show cracks Regal with a chair. Cesaro wins via countout at 7:24
to end the show.
C+. Cesaro continues to impress
and it’s a good sign that they’re keeping him this strong. Truth has
zero chance of taking the title on Sunday and that’s a good thing, as
Cesaro isn’t quite ready for the main event yet but he’s making a
strong champion. Other than that, Sheamus could indeed win the title
back on Sunday and this loss allows for him to be kept strong while
advancing the title match as well. Good little main event here.
C+. This show was like
a car that kept trying to start but it couldn’t quite get going.
They did a decent job of setting up the PPV, but at the same time
there was a lot of filler in this. Some of the matches felt like
they were just there to fill in time, but on top of that we had the
show contained angle of Show trying to get out of the title match.
That added more or less nothing other than making Show look like a
coward which seemed to be forgotten by the ending.
almost like they have no idea what to do with the huge roster they
have and throw out random things that are somewhat related to their
active stories to fill time. Nah that can’t be right. I clearly
just don’t get the nuances of the stories they’re telling. Decent go
home show this week but not a good show overall if that makes sense.
Show b. R-Truth – WMD
Scholars b. Usos – Rollup to Jimmy with a handful of tights
b. Aksana – Gutbuster
Khali/Tyson Kidd/Justin Gabriel b. Epico/Primo/Prime Time Players –
Sunset Flip to Primo
Kingston b. Alberto Del Rio – Rollup
Cesaro b. Sheamus via countout
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