NXT – December 13, 2012

December 13, 2012
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Tom Phillips, William Regal
finally time for Mahal vs. Rollins II, which is annoying as things
have changed a lot since this was filmed. Anyway, the match last
time was fine but I wish there was more of a reason for these two to
be fighting instead of just over the title. All we’ve really heard
is “I’m the champion” and “I want the title.” That’s not
exactly enough to hook fans with a guy treated as a jobber in WWE vs.
a member of a team whose gimmick doesn’t exist in NXT yet. Let’s get
to it.

open with a recap of the title situation and Mahal attacking Rollins
vs. Sasha Banks
Banks is debuting here and has been in the New England indies for a
few years. I really have an issue with two people in a match being
younger than me. It makes me feel old watching this. Banks isn’t
bad looking but Paige is WAY over with the fans here. Paige takes
Banks to the mat with a headscissors and rolls her around with it in
a move I haven’t seen before.
nips up to escape and hits a Sin Cara armdrag out of the corner for
two. Paige goes into banshee mode with her screaming and the fans go
NUTS. A fisherman’s suplex gets two for Paige and it’s off to a
double chickenwing. Sasha escapes with a pair of rollups for two but
Paige hits that snap Angle Slam kind of move called the Paige Turner
for the pin at 4:03.
C. Nothing too bad here as
Paige continues to impress. She’s clearly very comfortable in the
ring and can do whatever is needed of her. Her looks are just a
bonus at this point, but unfortunately she likely would get messed up
on the main roster because of her pale skin color. Anyway, decent
match here and Sasha looked decent enough.
Reigns brags about the size of his watch but gets a phone call and
recap the end of last week’s show where Regal saved Kidd from Kruger
and Ohno.
and Kruger are gunning for Steamboat, Kidd and Barretta. Kruger’s
voice is pretty awesome here. Oh and if Regal gets involved in their
business again, Regal can join them in the ICU.
Grey vs. ???
the match, we get another awesome Bray Wyatt promo about love and
power. Wyatt brings out his son, who is a big bald guy with an
awesome beard whose name I couldn’t understand. The guy is big and
muscular and he kicks Grey in the face to start. He looks like he’s
in green prison garb for lack of a better description. Wyatt is
sitting in a rocking chair on the stage. The guy slams Grey down and
puts on a bearhug where he whips Grey from side to side. A big side
slam ends Grey at 2:00.
match Wyatt says the man’s name is Rowan and says to follow the
Commissioner Dusty Rhodes to hype up the main event. However, he
also wants to talk about Vickie Guerrero. Vickie is welcome here any
time, but there are no bounties allowed in NXT unless it’s run by
Dusty. The bounty is officially revoked and here’s Camacho to
protest. He calls Dusty jefe (boss) and Dusty says it’s either
General Commissioner or…..Camacho: “El Capitan?” Dusty: “I
LOVE THAT!” Camacho says the bounty has to be on because he has to
get Hunico out of Mexico. If Dusty doesn’t reinstate the bounty then
Camacho is going to reinstate it on Dusty.
brings out Big E. Langston, and Dusty makes a handicap match with
Camacho and whoever he picks against Langston. Big E. is cool with
that. Again: Dusty isn’t out here long and he makes something happen
while advancing a storyline. Dusty was there about four minutes,
which is the longest time he’s been on camera yet on this show.
Show is answering Bo Dallas’ challenge. He says that he’s going to
knock out Dallas so that Dallas never makes it to the main shows.
That’s next week as well.
Title: Seth Rollins vs. Jinder Mahal
is now in 3MB, which is annoying as all the promos and videos tonight
have had Mahal in his old attire. After some big match intros we’re
ready to go. Mahal immediately heads to the floor for a few seconds
to mess with Rollins’ head. Back in and the champion (Rollins) goes
for Mahal’s arm, sending him to the ropes for more stalling. Rollins
hooks a headlock which goes nowhere so Seth peppers him with
head to the floor and Rollins hits a HARD chop. Back in and Seth
hits some kicks as Mahal is in trouble. Jinder sends him to the
apron and shoves Seth off the ropes to finally take over. We take a
break and come back with Mahal choking in the corner. A suplex on
the floor gets two for Mahal and it’s off to a double arm hold. That
doesn’t last long so a backbreaker gets another two count, as does a
knee to the face.
hit a quick chinlock but Rollins fights out with some shots to the
ribs and a backdrop. Seth tries to go up top but is almost
immediately crotched. A clothesline gets two for Jinder and it’s
back to the chinlock as we take another break. Back with Rollins in
a reverse chinlock which is transitioned into a regular version.
Rollins fights up and hits a big enziguri to put both guys down.
up and Seth dropkicks Mahal down and fires off right hands on the
mat. They slug it out until Mahal gets clotheslined to the floor.
Rollins hits a suicide dive and Mahal is in trouble. Back in and
Seth hits a springboard knee to the side of the head for two. Seth
puts him on the top and kicks Mahal in the head, but his super rana
is countered into a sunset flip for two.
comes back again with a sitout slam for two but jumps into a
dropkick/knee to the ribs from Seth. This is a very back and forth
match. Rollins misses a splash in the corner and Jinder pounds away.
Seth counters out of it and hits the running buckle bomb on the
opposite corner. The full nelson slam is escaped so Mahal hits a
knee to the back of the head and hooks the camel clutch. Seth
immediately gets to the rope and comes back with the low superkick
(Avada Kedavra) and the standing Sliced Bread (Skywalker) for the pin
to retain at 15:20 shown of 22:20.
B. No complaints here as these
two have some solid chemistry together. Thankfully this wasn’t a
comedy match for Mahal and he was just in different attire instead of
being completely goofy. Rollins winning these come from behind
matches is the perfect way to build up a guy like him and the match
worked very well overall. Good stuff, especially for a TV match.
Graves gets in Rollins’ face to end the show with a sarcastic clap.
A. Good match, decent
Divas match, good character stuff with Wyatt and Rowan, setting up
the next title feud, promo addressing the end of last week’s show and
two big matches announced for next week. What else could you
possibly want in a one hour wrestling show?
b. Sasha Banks – Paige Turner
b. Oliver Grey – Side Slam
Rollins b. Jinder Mahal – Skywalker
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