NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #22

November 27, 2002
Jeremy Borash is in the ring and introduces Goldylocks as the sings “God Bless America.”
Tenay runs down the card:
Ron Killings vs. Jeff Jarrett for the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Title
AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn for the X Division Title
Briscoe Brothers vs. Divine Storm w/Trinity

Tenay refers to the Briscoe’s as twins, which is false as Jay is a year older. Jay and Quiet Storm start thing off. They do a nice, fast-paced sequence that ends in a stand off. Both men tag out and Mark and Divine trade off moves. Dropkick by Mark then a dozen or so counters ends with Mark getting a Northern Lights Suplex for two. Jay makes the blind tag as Mark gets dumped by Divine. He does the Cactus Jack clothesline as both men fall to the floor. Mark goes back in and trade shots with Storm. The camera seems to have missed a cue as it ignores the action in the ring. Then, in a bad looking spot, Jay and Divine get knocked off the apron and Mark and Storm follow out with somersault planchas. Well, Divine was way out of position so Mark landed on his feet and hit him with a clothesline as a faint “You f----- up” chant breaks out. Trinity runs off the apron and takes Mark down with a rana. In the ring, Jay hits Storm with a gordbuster, getting two. Mark makes a blind tag then hits Storm with a springboard missile dropkick after he missed a clothesline. Mark hits a few European uppercurs then in another bad looking spot, goes for a discus Euro uppercut but Storm catches him in  a backslide position then hits a  sitout powerbomb, getting two. Both men tag out but the crowd is silent as they have yet to establish which team is the face. Mark and Divine trade punches then hits a terrible looking move, similar to that off a double pancake, as Divine fucks that up too. Storm fights off the Briscoes but gets drilled with a super kick from Jay. Mark then takes Storm off the top with a stunner and Divine breaks that move up. That looked sweet. Mark rolls outside and gets hits with a quebrada from Trinity, which draws a “Holy S---”reaction from the crowd. Divine floats over Jay in the corner and attempts a headscissor takedown but it gets countered into a powerbomb. Jay hits the Crucible (Falcon Arrow) that is broken up by Storm. He trades stuff with Jay then hits the Storm Cradle Driver (Half-Nelson into a Michinoku Driver) for the win (6:09) *1/2.
Thoughts: Some nice stuff by the Briscoes, especially from Jay, but the match had a lot of miscommunication and no flow. It was a series of spots with some nice looking moves. Chris Divine is rather terrible as a worker. He messed up a lot here. After being most of the focus last week, Trinity only did her one move.

Tenay addresses the audience about how the past five months in TNA has been the most enjoyable of his career. He puts over TNA but says how he does not like what Vince Russo stands for, stating how he will not sit by and let Russo take over TNA with his “Sports Entertainment.” West chimes in and was unaware of the animosity between the two. Good stuff from Tenay as his dislike for Russo was known and I believe during this show he was not following a script and speaking his own thoughts, which makes it seem believable. Too bad WWE doesn’t follow that formula anymore.
Video Recap of last week’s title match between Jarrett and Killings.
Tenay is in the ring and calls down Jeff Jarrett for an interview. However, Vince Russo rolls in the ring as the lights go out and demands the music gets killed. He yells at Tenay and mentions how Tenay said he would quit if he came to TNA. A “Russo” chant breaks out from the crowd. Russo shows Tenay the door and tells him he can be replaced by a chimpanzee with more personality. He then suggests he goes home and pout like Sean Waltman. Tenay goes back to the booth as Russo introduces himself as the “Anti-Christ of professional wrestling.” He said that he kept a low profile but that he needed to come back before “this business” goes further down the shitter. He tells the production team that he will “slap the s---” out of anyone who cuts off his mic and talks about Jeff Jarrett. He tells us that he met Jarrett while he was doing a “b-------” gimmick in the WWF and that he still befriended Jeff because he was genuine, unlike the others in the company. He then mentions how one night, that “piece of s---” Jarrett leaves out of nowhere to jump to WCW. The camera shows an intense-looking Tenay. Russo says he got Jarrett back to the WWF after he begged him. He says how a week after he left for WCW, Jarrett got beaten by Chyna and then calls him again, begging him to get into WCW. He says he made Jarrett the WCW champion as a “Hogan Sucks” chant breaks out. He thanks god that WCW got bought out. Jeff called him again and asked him for help making TNA cutting edge. Russo calls Jarrett a dope, stating that TNA meant “Tits and Ass” not “Total Nonstop Action.” He then says how Jarrett was led around by an “old, piece of s---” whose name he cannot mention because it makes him nautious. He then tells us how he came to TNA on his own as he was sick of waiting around. He says TNA and WWE suck and he is here to save the day. He will give Jarrett just one opportunity to join him as there will be a drastic change in TNA starting next week and he will help him win this week and demands an answer. He leaves the ring afterwards as Tenay tells us that Russo is everything that is wrong with wrestling today and rants about how he killed WCW. I will say this about Russo, he can deliver a good promo. Better than most wrestlers today. As an on-screen character, he is far from the worst and this entire segment was compelling. Tenay was also good in this, looking pissed off and showing emotion. It was probably his best performance in TNA.
Mortimer Plumtree is shown backstage. He mentions a Mike Moriarty, who won the TNA auction to manage a wrestler against Plumtree then a Mark Morano, who won the right to manage AJ Styles and says that $700 is not enough and demands no less than a $1,000. The first of many plugs for the silent auction tonight.
Video package of last week’s terrible Bruce/Lenny/Lawler/April/Goldylocks segment.
America’s Most Wanted vs. Hotshots
Storm beats on Stevens as Tenay still rants about Russo. Stevens hits a leg lariat after O’Reilly distracts Storm. Hotshots beat on Storm in the corner and hit a double slingshot suplex, getting two. O’Reilly chokes out Storm but gets caught attempting a handspring elbow smash and Storm hits an overhead belly-to-belly. Tag to Harris and he pounds on O’Reilly as Tenay plugs an interview with Dory Funk Jr. tonight. Harris clothesline the Hotshots but they pull down the rope and he falls outside. Stevens roughs him up outside and tosses him back in the ring. Storm breaks up a pin attempt after a double superkick. The Hotshots continue to neutralize Harris with double-team moves. Harris gets his knees up on a Lionsault attempt and Storm tags. He kills Stevens with a super kick then gets the Hanging Noose and Eight Second Ride on O’Reilly. Catatonic by Harris then they hit the Death Sentence. James Mitchell and Belladonna are on the ramp and AMW make their way towards them and they get counted out (5:17) *1/2. They grab Belladonna and roll her in the ring. They set her up for the Death Sentence but Mitchell runs around and distracts them, allowing Lee and Slash to run in for a sneak attack. Security runs in and breaks up the action. Bob Armstrong runs in and Tenay states how BG James will team up with Curt Hennig to face the New Church for the Tag-Titles next week. Tenay says he will address the situation with Sean Waltman later tonight.
Thoughts: Match was alright but this was all about furthering the AMW/New Church feud, which is really the only feud of note this company has going on right now.
Goldylocks is with Jeremy Borash as they do some lame comedy bit about the auction.
Goldylocks is with Dory Funk Jr. He is in front of Jarrett’s door and says he is unavailable as he is preparing for his match tonight. Goldy asks if he is managing Jeff, and he says is has a “vested interest” in this match. Dory was quite awful here and this whole segment was pointless.
NWA World Tag-Team Title Match
BG James & Curt Hennig vs. New Church (Champions)
Tenay informs us that Syxx Pac, who was billed last week as teaming with James tonight, did not appear due to Vince Russo. Mitchell talks about the battle for traditional wrestling vs. sports entertainment but he is just interested in evil and it will ensure the New Church victory as the crowd starts an “Evil” chant. Slash and Hennig start things off. Hennig gets a slap and a pair of atomic drops. Tag to BG and he lands a few clubbing forearms before Slash breaks up that with an eye rake. Tag to Lee and he chokes out BG. Lee no sells a few shots but gets taken down with a flying forearm. Slash goes flying out of the ring and BG gets a kneedrop for two. The faces then work over the legs of Lee, tagging in and out. They beat on Lee in the corner as the faces are pulling the hair. Lee then goes low on BG and tags Slash. He gets a back elbow smash and drops the knee before choking out BG. Jawbreaker by Slash and he tosses BG to the floor. Belladonna and Mitchell deliver a few cheap-shots. Lee then goes out and chokes him out with his foot. He rolls him back in and Slash goes back to work. BG makes a comeback but ducks his head and gets caught with a DDT. Lee tags and gets two off a knee drop. The New Church use illegal double team tactics behind the referee’s back. Slash gets BG in a Cobra Clutch for a while. BG is able to break but walks into a sleeper. BG breaks that up with a back suplex and both men are down. Hot tag to Hennig and he goes to work using basic offense. HE sets up Lee for the Hennig-plex but Slash breaks that up. He is then able to hit it on Slash as Lee breaks that up. The match breaks down and Lee takes down BG with a boot as he was going for the pumphandle on Slash. The ref counts to two but AMW run in and attack the New Church for the DQ (10:33) *1/4. AMW continues the assault until Hennig and BG break it up. They are pissed at AMW for costing them the match then they brawl for a bit. AMW runs after the New Church and they brawl on the ramp. New Church retreats as the camera shows BG and Curt pointing at AMW.
Thoughts: A slow, basic match. Hennig looked like he got himself into better shape but was still useless in the ring. BG is also in poor shape and he was only 33 years old at this point. He looks and wrestled like he was in his 40’s. Like the prior tag match, this was mostly about continuing the AMW/New Church feud, although they also had some tension between AMW and Curt/BG, as AMW cost them the match.
Don West and Mike Tenay are backstage. West plugs the silent auction in the most manic way possible, as Tenay tells him to slow down. West then goes back into overdrive. God bless Don West. Sure, he wasn’t the best but he never lacked enthusiasm.
Alyx Winters vs. EZ Money
Winters was trained by EZ. He is short with a slightly stocky build. Tenay tells us that he is a three year pro as EZ takes him down with a snapmare. Winters reverses an Irish Whip and takes EZ down with a side bulldog. He charges at EZ but gets booted and EZ then hops on the apron and hits the Money Clip, getting two. Standing Moonsault gets two. EZ pulls up on a dropkick then puts Winters in the pendulum swing. Winters attempts to float over EZ the corner but lands nutsack first onto the knee of EZ. Holy s--- did that look painful. Running basement dropkick and Winters rolls to the floor. EZ rolls him back in the ring and Winters tries to make a comeback but gets hit with a move that looks like the Curtain Call but ends with a powerbomb. EZ breaks the count and waits for Witners to get up again before hitting him with the Cha-Ching for the win (3:19) ½*.
Thoughts: A squash match but Winters could bump like a pro. He looked a lot more polished than half of the roster, IMO. EZ looks to be getting a bit of a push and continues to look good in the ring.
Goldylocks is with Bruce, who is dressed in a baseball cap and a man’s shirt. He says since the shower with April, he is no longer Bruce, but Alan Funk. He says seeing Lawler treat her badly made him console her and it led to sexual tension. Goldylocks tries to be funny but fails miserably. Alan was not too impressive on the mic. A waste of time but the end of the “Bruce” character is a positive.
Crimson Dragon vs. Sonny Siaki
Siaki looks irritated as he heads to the ring. Dragon is wearing different attire, making it look like he is from Japan. Much better than the low budget stuff he wore last week. They start with a criss-cross spot that ends with a dropkick from Dragon. He walks into an armdrag from Siaki, who then works the arm. Dragon fucks up a Mexican armdrag and they trade off stuff before ending in a face-off. Dragon extends his hand but gets slapped. Siaki gets kicked off the apron and Dragon then dives through the ropes feet first to deliver some poor excuse of a clothesline. Back in the ring, Siaki bounces Dragon off the ropes with a drop toehold then tosses him to the floor with a pumphandle suplex. He slams Hamrick’s head off the table with a giant swing. He rams him into the steps then rolls him inside. He covers and gets two. Dragon gets caught with a kick coming off the ropes and Siaki hits a slingshot atomic drop. Dragon floats over and lands a few kicks. Siaki ducks a Yakuza kick and slaps the Dragon, who was out of position. He hits the suplex stunner then takes down Siaki with a Yakuza kick, getting two. He heads up top but Siaki knocks him down and gets a super belly-to-belly. Crowd starts a loud “TNA” chant and Siaki gets the Siakalypse for the win (5:17) ½*. After the match, Siaki takes the mic from Borash and says if the NWA does not want to give him decent opponents, he does not want to be here. He then states how he should only be in title matches and main events.
Thoughts: Dragon sucked, blowing a lot of spots and f------ up moves left and right. Siaki was just alright here and the post match speech from him is not going to get him over. Didn’t the Big Show do something similar to this at one point? The crowd only sees him as a “Rocky ripoff” at this point. He badly needs to go in another direction as he is almost getting go-away heat when he appears on TV.
Goldylocks is with April. She tries to say that Bruce/Alan is gay and she is faithful to Brian. April says the sounds jealous and Goldy walks off angry, stating she does not need this “b-------.” Another horrible segment.
Brian Lawler is introduced to the crowd. He walks out looking sad. Lawler tells us that he gave everything she had to a female, then in a hilarious, tells some kid to “please shut up,” as the crowd laughs. He says that he was made to look a fool and runs down the men she was caught with and then had an affair with Goldylocks, which the crowd cheers. He says he hasn’t been able to sleep, eat, or drink and then announces that he is quitting the “wrestling business.” The crowd cheers that decision, as they should. He then does his overacting and makes a crying face as he calls April a “nymphomaniac” before walking away crying. West says this is the most bizarre thing he has seen. They cut back to Goldy, who is with Priscilla. She consoles him and they walk away with Lawler grabbing her ass. At this time, Jerry Lawler was dating Priscilla in real life. To recap, the son of a man in his 50’s, grabs the ass of his dad’s much younger girlfriend in a wrestling segment. That is the Lawler family for you. Any segment ending with Lawler promising to walk away is a positive in my book.
Video highlight package set to AJ Styles theme song.
Highlights from Last week’s Jerry Lynn/Amazing Red match.
NWA-TNA X Division Title Match
AJ Styles w/Mortimer Plumtree vs. Jerry Lynn (Champion)
Tenay says that if Styles wins, he will become the first ever three-time X Division champion. This company has been in existence for five months mind you. They do the boxing style introductions for this match. They start the match off by brawling. AJ gets an eye poke but taken over by Lynn. He gets a snapmare and dropkicks AJ in the back of his head. Crowd chants for Jerry as the two slug it out some more. Lynn picks us AJ and throws him outside. Plumtree attempts to drag Lynn out but gets kicked into AJ. Lynn goes out and slams AJ’s head off the apron before rolling him back inside. Plumtree holds Lynn and AJ knocks him to the floor. AJ lifts up the mat to set up for a piledriver but Lynn counters with a backdrop. AJ then DDT’s him on the floor and Plumtree busts open Lynn’s forehead with a foreign object. AJ rolls Lynn back in the ring and gets two. AJ works on the cut as Plumtree yells him instructions. Lynn fights back but gets tossed back to the floor. Plumtree gets a few more shots on Lynn before he goes inside. AJ goes up top but Lynn stops him. He goes up but falls on the apron. AJ tries a sunset powerbomb but Lynn stops that with a kick to the back of the head. AJ tries a rana off the apron but Lynn sends him into the guardrail. Lynn goes after Plumtree and AJ attacks from behind but gets tossed into the guardrail, again. Lynn rolls AJ back inside and punches away. Lynn ducks a quebrada and takes AJ’s head off with a clothesline. Flying back elbow smash gets two. Lynn charges but AJ uses his momentum to throw him to the floor. More cheapshots by Plumtree. AJ covers Lynn for two then reverses a tilt-a-whirl into an inverted DDT. That gets two as Plumtree yells at AJ how he needs the belt. Running Powerbomb by Lynn gets two. Suplex gets two. AJ ducks a clothesline and gets two off a sitout facebuster. He places Lynn up top for a superplex but Lynn reverses into a front suplex. Plumtree tosses AJ the knux and distracts the ref but Lynn grabs them and nails AJ for the win (12:29) **1/2.
Thoughts: Probably the worst AJ/Lynn match to date. Too much of this revolved around Plumtree. The match got repetitive at times and the crowd was basically quiet. These giys really need to move on to other feuds and TNA needs to bring in better guys for the X Division.
BG and Curt plug the auction items. Curt says no one can beat him in golf, playing off of his Mr. Perfect persona, and BG will go out to eat with you at Chuck E Cheese and demands coins for the video games. He was kind of funny here and I imagine if you wanted to play video games with him, just wait outside of the arena after the show and bring a few joints.
Don West does the rundown for next week’s show:
Spanish Announce Team vs. Divine Storm
Chris Harris vs. Brian Lee
James Storm vs. Slash, if AMW beats his opponents, he will face AMW in a bullrope match.
A double elimination match for the X Division Title featuring AJ Styles, Amazing Red, and Kid Kash among others.
Sonny Siaki vs. Jerry Lynn for the X Division Title
Mike Tenay in a pre-taped interview with Dory Funk Jr. Funk says the highlight of his life was winning the NWA Title. He plugs his school, the Funking Conservatory. He calls Gene Kiniski a “tough, son of a gun” who was a father-fgure towards him. He calls Jack Brisco an incredible athlete. The graphic reads “Jack Briscoe.” Calls Harley Race tough and a competitive man. Giant Baba, he calls, a great teacher. He then says the NWA-TNA World Championship match is the most prestigious title in wrestling. He says Vince Russo should stay out. Interview was alright I suppose in that it fit with the theme of Traditional Wrestling vs. Sports Entertainment theme of the night, but a vast majority of the viewers have no clue about Dory or the people he is talking about.
Killings kills some time by rapping in the ring.
NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Title Match
Ron “The Truth” Killings vs. Jeff Jarrett (Champion)
This match also gets the boxing-style ring introduction. Jarrett gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. Jarrett starts by getting a shoulderblock. They trade arm wringers until Killings gets a Thesz Press. Jarrett gets his feet up on a charging Killings and gets two off of a sunset flip. They then do a pinfall reversal sequence that ends with applause from the crowd. This has been paced wonderfully so far. Killings jacks Jarrett’s jaw but takes too long and Jarrett catches his foot on a scissor kick attempt and gets a figure four. Killings quickly reverses it and Jarrett rolls outside. Killings dances in the ring then hits Jarrett with a plancha. He chokes out Jarrett with a chain before rolling him back inside. Frog splash gets two. Killings floats over but Jarrett pulls up when Truth does his split and dropkicks him down. Killings catches Jarrett with a sleeper. Jarrett eventually fights out but gets caught with a sit-out powerbomb. Killings heads up top but Jarrett cuts him off. They slug it out and Jarrett hits him with a superplex as both men are down. Jarrett gets an enziguiri for two. Jarrett stops a backslide attempt with a low blow and gets two off of a small package. The ref yells at Jarrett for his low blow and Jarrett goes out and grabs a chair. He wedges it in the corner but Killings reverses and sends him into the chair. That gets two. The crowd is pro-Jarrett at this point. Jarrett rolls away from a moonsault then hits the Stroke but Killings is able to kick out. Jarrett removes a turnbuckle pad then goes outside after Killings. He tosses him into the crowd and they brawl. Jarrett places him on a table and climbs the tower. Killings gets up and climbs, hitting Jarrett with a low blow then they brawl some more before they both crash through the table. The ref counts in the ring and it ends in a double count-out. As soon as that happens, Bob Armstrong comes out and says that he, the crowd, and NWA wants to see a winner and orders the match to re-start. They brawl towards the ring and go inside. Killings catches Jarrett and hotshots him on the exposed buckle. That gets two. Jarrett blocks a suplex but Killings reverses a Stroke attempt and accidentally hits the ref as he lifts Jarrett for the Truth or Consequences. Vince Russo is shown holding a guitar and gives it to Jarrett. He motions to the crowd then smashes it on the post. Russo and Jarrett yell at reach other as Killings gets a quick rollup for two. Jarrett then hits Killings the three consecutive Strokes for the win (13:49) ***. After the match, Jarrett heads up the ramp as Russo grabs the mic and demands an answer. He tells Jarrett that next week is a new day and he can be with him or against him. Jarrett is about to give an answer then the shows goes off the air.
Thoughts: Match was going along well until the last few minutes. Killings and Jarrett have good chemistry in the ring. TNA teases us by cutting off the show when Jarrett is about to give his answer to Russo, which was supposed to happen at the end of this match.
Final Thoughts: Russo appearing made it a bit intriguing and he actually cut a decent promo. They also appeared to have written off the “Bruce” character and Brian Lawler, which is a plus. It almost seemed like a reset show in that regard. However, this company has nothing else going on right now besides a feud for the tag-titles. They have a depth problem, specifically in the heavyweight and X Division. The Traditional Wrestling vs. Sports Entertainment theme seemed fine but they spent more time putting over the silent auction than they did for that. Lastly, at the end of the day, it is still Vince Russo in charge of booking a wrestling company. A feud between him and Jarrett is not going to make this company a viable threat. Also, Jarrett seems like a face by default in all of this, yet has not turned face to the fans.