Quick Randoms


Some random questions for you…

1. Was Scott Norton ever a target for Vince & the WWF?  He seems like the kind of power dude they love.  He looked like a legit tough guy, had a good heelish look, and had the lumbering, roided power offense Vince loved in the 90s.

Good question.  He could have had Norton any time he wanted when the AWA was on their deathbed, so I'm presuming that there wasn't any interest in him.  

2. Are there any guys you think should have been tag team partners (that could have actually happened, time-wise).  At a glance, Rick Martel & Paul Roma made sense to me as a pretty boy heel team ("Not in the face!").  Boss Man & Virgil teaming up against Money Inc., Nasty Boys, Disasters in '92 sounded logical to me at the time too.  The Crush/Adam Bomb 'New Demolition' thing could have been cool in '94 as well.  In '98, I loved the prospect of Benoit & Malenko vs. Jericho & Guerrero, when Dean & Jericho were feuding.  In 2000, a teaming of Saturn & Tazz could have been cool, especially with how deep the tag team ranks were that year.

I think Rick Rude and Randy Savage in 1989 would have been pretty awesome.

3. What one guy would you have liked to see absorbed during the WCW acquisition?  Several guys were left out; any glaring omissions?

AJ Styles.  He'd probably be a main eventer today for WWE if they had brought him in instead of cutting the contract loose and letting him go to TNA.  But really who knew that a random guy in the cruiserweight tag team division would turn out so awesome?

4. Was Hogan vs. Warrior II ever actually slated for a particular show (not the WCW version!)?

Wrestlemania VII.  It was pretty much planned from even before Warrior won the title in the first place.

5. What was Vince's fascination with Warrior?  For all the erratic behavior, contract/money demands, Vince had no problem getting rid of him a couple times, but he ends up back in '92 and '96.  For a guy who 'didn't draw' well enough to replace Hogan, what was the deal with WWF going back to him repeatedly?

He projected the air of a superstar and was juiced in as a main event guy. That's how it works.  

6. What ever happened to Dan Spivey?  Sid became a multi-time world champ in both promotions, but Spivey never really became anything.

Too many injuries, not dependable, wanted to work Japan.  Take your pick.  

7. In relation to the above question, is there an example of an established tag team having BOTH guys end up really successful?  One guy always ends up a bigger star (Hart Foundation, Rockers, Skyscrapers, Edge/Christian), but I guess the Hardys both did fine for themselves?

Yup, Hardys both did good, although Jeff is clearly the bigger star.  You could say Windham and Luger, I guess.  Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch both did well for themselves.  

8. I remember it being mentioned in 2000 that, of the Radicalz, it was Perry Saturn the WWF really wanted to push.  Was that ever a 'thing'?  Benoit & Guerrero did well right out of the gate, but Saturn never really made it big.

I also recall hearing that they basically wanted Saturn and took the other three as bonuses.  

9. Along the lines of Saturn, are there any wrestlers you think were just best-suited for tag team work?

Jeff Hardy.  I'm glad he's doing well for himself, but every time he plays face in peril in a tag match it makes me wish he had stayed down that path instead.