Blog question about marketing

OK,it seems like we always hear how the belts are only important because they're important to Mattel,so they can't change them without giving Mattel lead time. This gives the impression WWE wants the merchandise to correspond with the product.

If that's the case,are the belt designs the ONLY important thing? Because the marketing lately seems all off to me. If I'm Joe Mark,I watch 5 hours a week of CM Punk calling the fans losers,and Cole,King,and whoever else telling me Punk is a sucky dbag I should not respect because he only wins by cheating BUT I should buy his new compilation DVD (Did You Know it's the number 1 non sport sporting entertainment episodic video) for six hours of Punky goodness,and buy the new video game he's on the cover of and commercial for,and buy his new canary yellow GTS shirt. Why? I know *I* would still like to sport that shirt,but I'm a smarky a-hole. Why would a "typical" casual person buy all this Punk stuff that seemingly came out the day after he turned heel? Did the booking team have the turn planned out in advance or not?
Now on the flipside,look at Ryback. He main evented against Punk as a face in the last two PPVs. For HIAC he was defacto the #1 biggest (active) babyface. So if I'm Joe Mark again,I love Ryback,right? Well,Ryback waqsn't even originally in the new video game that came out while he was breaking into the title scene. He'll be DLC introduced later. WTF?!?! 
I'm not really an action figure collector,so correct me if I'm wrong,but I don't think there's a Ryback action figure,or SD figure,or brawl buddy,or figural soap,or ANYTHING. I'm sure you can get the shirt on Shopzone, but as far as my local mall,there's only one store that sells wrestling shirts,Hot Topic,and the only have three: Yes!!,No!!,and guess who,dastardly heel CM Punk. Come to think of it,I think Bryan is technically a heel too,even though he's the most popular guy on the roster!
So what's the deal? Admittedly the figure thing may be Mattel's fault (I swear to god my local Kmart currently has Flashpoint figures) but some of this has to be on WWE. A smart company would have released the Punk DVD,the game,THEN turn Punk heel,and right then be shipping out action figures and shirts of your new hero Big Hungry Ryback,and THEN be like oh yeah Because You Demanded It here's new paid DLC of your new favorite face!!!!!
I can understand that,and I'm just some idiot. Why can't they?

This guy gets it.