Wrestlemania Matches!

Hey Scott,

Seems like there is an evolution when it comes to mania matches. The original plan, at least according to the Internet, was Cena vs Rock II and Brock vs. HHH. I would not spend my money on that. However, a Taker vs. Punk and Brock vs. Rock matches would make me spend my money. Despite your resistance to fantasy book, could you please give us a complete Wrestlemania card? And where would Cena best fit in?

Cena v. Rock is the biggest drawing match in the entire history of wrestling.  THE HISTORY OF WRESTLING.  What insane person wouldn't want to do a rematch and make another couple of hundred million dollars off it?  Cena v. Rock, HHH v. Brock, Punk v. Undertaker, there you go.  It might not get your money but it's already sold out an entire stadium without even announcing the card and it all makes sense from a storyline perspective.  Good enough for me.