ROH TV 12-8-12

week’s ROH features Kevin Steen defending the ROH world title against Mike Bennett.

Bobby Fish & Kyle
O’Reilly vs. The Bravadoes:
This is heels vs. heels, so the crowd is dead
for pretty much the whole match. Fish and O’Reilly jump the Bravadoes from
behind, toss Harlem out, and start double-teaming Lancelot. He fights back with
a knee on O’Reilly and a clothesline on Fish, then hits a rollup-into-German
Suplex on O’Reilly for 2. Harlem in now and the Bravadoes try to play the heels
as far as the heat segments go, as they try to keep O’Reilly in their corner,
but Lancelot tags back in and gets caught with a high knee. Now Fish is in and
Lancelot plays Ricky Morton for a minute. O’Reilly knocks Harlem off the apron
and the ref is distracted by him trying to get back in while Lancelot gets
double-teamed behind the ref’s back. Lancelot continues to get beat on the
opponent’s corner as the crowd is just totally out of it. He makes the hot tag
to absolutely no reaction and gets a nice enziguri on Fish. Both guys bail to
the floor and Harlem hits a great moonsault from the second rope to the floor
to get the crowd to finally make some noise. He tosses O’Reilly back in and
hits a blockbuster for 2. He tries a blind charge and gets tossed over the top
to the apron, but Lancelot follows right in with a clothesline and Harlem hits
a sort of slingshot Stunner for 2. Fish finally gets back in and hits a
crescent kick on Lancelot to send him to the floor, and some kicks and Total
Elimination finishes Harlem to no noise whatsoever from the crowd at 6:09. Maybe they can
teach Coleman and Alexander how to do Total Elimination properly. **, match was
better than that from a workrate perspective but I’m knocking points off for
the dead crowd.
Michael Elgin appears in an ad for a local scrapyard, and
when we come back from break we get a S.C.U.M. promo. They run down Nigel
McGuiness and hype their respective matches for Final Battle. Steen and Corino
are the best mic workers in ROH by far so this was pretty good. We also get a
well done and really long video package detailing the history of the
Steen/Generico feud, with Steen looking noticeably thinner in most of the clips.
Chris Silvio vs. Jay
Silvio is from OVW and has a 60’s hippie gimmick. Lethal cuts a
whiny Bret Hart-ish promo to try to get some heel heat, but it doesn’t really
work. He also promises to fight the winner of Steen/Generico at Final Battle.
Lethal attacks Silvio and they slug it out, then Lethal cartwheels out of a
hiptoss and clotheslines Silvio to the floor. They brawl some more out there
and Silvio gets the advantage and tosses Lethal back in, but takes a
springboard dropkick while on the apron and he’s back on the floor. Lethal
follows him out with a dive through the ropes and bounces Silvio around the
barricades a couple times before tossing him back in for 2. Backdrop suplex for
2, but he misses a blind charge and ends up on the apron and Silvio hits a
shitty looking neckbreaker through the ropes. Silvio chokes out Lethal with his
wrist tape, Lethal comes back with some clotheslines and hits the Lethal
Combination. He calls for the Lethal Injection, but decides that a lowly jobber
is not worthy of his finisher and hits a superkick and a bearhug DDT to end it at
5:04. *1/2, just a squash that went on far too long, and Silvio had nothing but
punching and kicking. I do appreciate the clean ending as I was sure there’d be
a Rhino run-in.
Inside ROH: Just
more PPV hype. Fish & O’Reilly, Davey Richards, Caprice and Coleman, and
the Briscoes all get airtime, no one says anything of note.
Steve Corino joins us for commentary and immediately starts
making fun of Caleb Seltzer. That goes on for basically the whole match.
ROH World Title: Mike
Bennett (w/ Brutal Bob) vs. Kevin Steen (c) (w/ Jimmy Jacobs):
doesn’t even bring Maria with him, which is kind of silly when she’s 90% of his
heat. He’s rumored to be WWE-bound, though I can’t really see why. It was also
announced earlier this week that Bennett will be the one to face Jerry Lynn at
Final Battle, to the shock of no one. Steen is wearing a pink shirt that says “I’m
a lady” on the front and “Wrestler” on the back (Maria’s?), just to be an
asshole. The tale of the tape has Steen at 269 lbs. Maybe a couple years ago,
but if he’s 269 I’m about 110. This too is technically heel vs. heel, though
Steen gets more face heat than just about anyone in ROH. Steen starts right off
the bat by splattering Bennett in the corner and hits a cannonball. Bennett
gets clotheslined to the floor and Steen plays a long session of guardrail
pinball all over the outside and even up in the isle. Bennett is bumping like a
champ here, I’ll give him that much. Bennett is tossed back in, but Brutal Bob
grabs Steen’s leg and Bennett hits a spinebuster and punches away. Now Steen
gets tossed to the floor and eats some barricade as we go to commercial.
Steen fights out of a headlock but gets dropkicked down for
2 as we come back. Bennett misses a blind charge and ends up in the tree of
woe, Steen hits another cannonball but can’t capitalize. Corino, BTW, is an
absolute f------ riot on commentary, and gets the line of the year in with “You
know I’ve had physical relations with Maria over 30 times? I mean, she was
never there, but…” I can’t wait for him to retire and start doing commentary
full time. Steen and Bennett slug it out, Bennett reverses an Irish whip but
misses a charge to the corner and takes Steen’s signature DDT through the ropes
for 2. Steen hits a second rope moonsault that looked far better than it should
have given his size, Bennett tries to roll out of the way but still gets most
of it, but he shrugs it off and hits a spear (with Corino flipping out about
him stealing the move from Jimmy Jacobs) for 2. Bennett puts Steen on top, but
Steen goes to the ear bite to knock him off and lands a top rope somersault
senton for 2. Steen goes for the Death Valley Driver, Brutal Bob grabs his leg
again but Steen just tosses Bennett right at him. Powerbomb on the apron,
package piledriver, and we’re done here at 7:15 aired. Match was fun and about ***,
commentary easily gets the full *****. Steen gets on the mic and runs down most of the ROH roster and talks s--- about Jay Lethal’s mom, Lethal
runs out with a chair but the stooges hold him back as we end the show.
Not a bad show here, and Steen/Bennett is worth
checking out just for the hilarious commentary alone. Next week: Davey Richards
squashes some guy and Jay Briscoe vs. Steve Corino in a streetfight.