Least Valuable Wrestler awards by year

Here's an interesting e-mail that I'll throw out there for discussion purposes…

So I had a long drive today, and while bored I suddenly came up with this idea: What if the Blog of Doom crowd picked their anti-MVP (or Least Valuable Wrestler) for specific promotions, by year?  I'm looking for someone who received some sort of push on TV and brought absolutely NOTHING to the table: couldn't work, couldn't do a promo, had no heat whatsoever, etc.  In short, a wrestler who was given a real chance, didn't entertain the fans, and did nothing of value for the promotion itself.  I also generally prefer someone who worked at least half of the year in question.  This can be an individual wrestler or a tag team/stable.  I'll start with the WWF, from Hogan through the 90s:

1984: I admittedly haven't seen much of this, so I'll leave this one to the blog!

1985: A veritable (Consciousness) Murderer's Row, with no less than 4 guys who would dominate most other years.  Uncle Elmer and Cousin Junior were almost Rocky Mountain Thunder-level in the ring and had no other real talent, but Elmer at least had that wedding skit people still remember so he's out.  Brutus Beefcake was also the complete package of suck, but he was less of an embarrassment in the ring than the hillbillies so he's out.  With that in mind, my pick would be David Sammartino.  As terrible as Beefcake in the ring, but unlike the others he didn't have a distinct look or a real gimmick beyond his name; he came across like a 70s jobber in every way, and he was completely overshadowed by his father in his one big angle.  Also worth noting that David worked almost the whole year, while the hillbillies didn't debut until July-August.  You can't really go wrong with any of these, though!

1986: I was going to give the hillbillies the win here, but I hadn't realized Elmer left not long after Mania and Junior was already gone by this year.  With that in mind, my clear pick would be the WWF's Mr. Pibb: Sivi "Superfly" Afi!

1987: My initial thought was Ken Patera, but I remembered this was the year of Outback Jack.  Besides…

1988: …I can just give it to Patera here!

1989:  Nobody stands out quite as much as in the previous few years…Dino Bravo, I guess.  I could also see arguments for the Powers of Pain and the Bolsheviks.  And I'm not picking Duggan for any of these since at least he was consistently over.

1990: Boris Zhukov, hands down.  All the Bolsheviks & Powers of Pain guys as singles wrestlers would've won the previous year, I think.  Maybe even Akeem as a single, too.

1991: Now this one is real interesting, as there's no slam-dunk pick and a bunch of guys with a decent case.  I think the DiBiase feud automatically takes Virgil out of the running.  Babyface Greg Valentine, as dull as he was, could still work.  I feel like Warlord is going to be the favorite here, but my own pick is a bit of a dark horse: Kerry Von Erich.  He was an absolute zombie by this point and scary to watch at times, and Warlord's matches vs. Bulldog were better than any Kerry match I've seen from this year.  No good matches, no real angles I can recall, just a whole lot of empty TV time less than a year into his run.  Oh yeah, and I would've considered Hercules as a singles wrestler if Power & Glory had broken up earlier in the year.

1992: This one would've been a lot easier if babyface Slaughter had hung around a bit longer!  As is…Nailz is tempting just on his ring "work", but I recall him being pretty over and I think he did the character stuff pretty well.  Virgil definitely has more of an argument this time, but I remember him being more carryable in the ring than the other guys here.  I'm thinking the Berserker (yes, however much of a guilty pleasure his gimmick may be) or Kerry Von Erich again (didn't realize he lasted until August!).

1993: Do I even need to say it?

1994: Nikolai Volkoff in the Corporation. Enough said.

1995: King Mabel, of course.  I do want to give a special mention to Goldust for some of the most painful matches you'll ever sit through.

1996: Another tough one, with some good candidates not being around long enough to count.  This was one of the all-time low points for the tag division, so I'll go with the Godwinns.

1997: The Godwinns would again be a worthy choice, but this time I'm picking the Truth Commission.  Hard to think of a worse overall stable in all facets of the business – even the Oddities were more over.  Actually the Gang Warz version of DOA is right up there as well, but I seem to recall them having at least some amount of heat.  Also…

1998: …Skull & 8-Ball were the definite fast-forward champions of this year.  My first thought was Tiger Ali Singh, but DOA were around the whole year and stank up a bunch of PPVs (was Ali on any?).

1999: Mideon, though I'd also be totally fine with picking Mideon & Viscera as a tag team.

Whew, didn't realize this would end up being this long!  Hopefully you guys are OK with that and this gets the ball rolling – would love to see some picks for NWA/WCW, ECW, TNA, Japanese promotions, etc.  Thank you for everything, Scott & co.!