Hello sir,

First time, long time, as they say… So, I've been wondering why the heck they don't let Tensai drop this stupid gimmick.  Obviously he was able to gain traction abroad without it, so why wouldn't it work here?  If he were to come out and do a "worked shoot" (a la Seven) decrying the stupidity of the whole thing and then going on an ass kicking rampage (not a la Seven), wouldn't that give him a chance to get over?  It's not like the character has any shot of gaining fan support now, and presumably they're paying him well if he was willing to leave Japan.  Might as well throw him a bone and see what he can do with it.


I think both sides have long since stopped giving a s--- and we got is what we got.  He can certainly be rehabbed and such, but really his entire purpose was to come in from Japan for a good chunk of money and do what I can only assume was a short-term run with Cena before leaving for Japan again at some point.  So I don't think there would be any particular incentive for either Tensai or WWE to make any great efforts towards altering the character when he's probably just going to leave for Japan after Wrestlemania.  Just speculation on my part, but that's what it feels like given the usage of him.